Monday, January 16, 2006

Birmingham Mayor Calls For All White City
Says mayor ~ "That's how God wants it"

The mayor of Birmingham, Alabama has called for his city to be an all white city... or at least mostly white. Said the mayor; "a majority White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant city". He went on to say; "It's the way God wants it to be."

How do you fell about this? Outraged... angry... ready to march on those idiot red-necks down in 'Bama?

Now that I have your attention, the mayor of Birmingham, Alabama said no such thing.

But get ready for this... the mayor of New Orleans, Ray "What, Me Worry" Nagin, is predicting that his city will once again be "a majority African-American city".

In a Martin Luther King Day speech to a crowd at City Hall, Mayor Ray Nagin said, "It's the way God wants it to be." He said you can't have New Orleans any other way.

Rest assured, this will cause a minor sensation for a day or two, but then it will all die out. And Nagin knows this. Nothing will happen to him.

Gee... I wonder what would have happened if a White mayor would have said this?


Blogger tom said...

I heard that he said he wanted it to be "a chocolate city"....if that is true the man should be relieved of his duties before he does some real himself!!

11:02 PM  

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