Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Quartet Meme
I tag whoever wants to do this

Both Jay at Pro Ecclesia and Paul at Regular Thoughs said "Consider yourself 'Tagged' if you read this and have not already done this one."

Four Jobs I've had in my life

1. Warrior god AKA U.S. Marine (Loved it. Life's dream come true)
2. Prison Guard (Hated it. Hangin' out with the dregs of society all day sucks)
3. Nuclear Plant Security Response Force member (Hated it A LOT. Barney Fife would do a better job than these goombas)
4. Bouncer (But for only one night so I could honestly say "I use to be a bouncer")

Four Movies I could watch over and over

1. The Quiet Man
2. Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House
3. Breaker Morant
4. The Commitments

Four Places I have lived

1. San Diego, California
2. Barrigada, Guam
3. A Hole In The Ground, Saudi Arabia (Gulf War)
4. Summerville, South Carolina

Four T.V. Shows I love to watch

1. MXC
2. Futurama
3. Father Ted
4. Law and Order

Four Places I have been on vacation

1. Staff NCO Club, Camp Lejeune
2. Staff NCO Club, MCRD Parris Island
3. Staff NCO Club, MCRD San Diego
4. Staff NCO Club, MCAS Miramar

Four Websites I visit daily

1. Seattle Catholic
2. The San Diego Union - Padres page
4. Countless other blogs in my blogroll (go check all of them out)

Four Favorite Foods

1. Ribeye with finadene and onions
2. North Carolina BBQ Pork with vinegar sauce
3. BBQ'd chicken Guam style with finadene and boonie peppers
4. Taco salad (heavy on the taco... light on the salad)

Four Places I would rather be right now

1. At a Padres game
2. In bed asleep
3. In my recliner watching a Padres game
4. At a Latin Mass that I didn't have to drive over 200 miles round trip to attend.


Blogger Jay Anderson said...

I love "Father Ted". Too bad Dermot Morgan died before they could make more episodes.

12:16 PM  
Anonymous Scarlette said...

I like the Commitments too. They are actually very good and the only music I would agree with you on as far as your taste goes.
I've seen the movie but never from the beginning. I think I start watching it from the very same spot every time.

11:10 AM  

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