Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Damien Thompson's Latest Blockbuster From The Other Side Of The Pond
Cutting through the darkness

Don't expect to read a whole helluva lot about this book here in America. But Britain's own Damien Thompson gives a look into a barn burner of a book.

Here's some of it;

'Under false colours': Spectator review trashes Remnick's sycophantic biography of Obama
By Damian Thompson

Forget the conspiracy theories about Barack Obama. Who needs confected mysteries involving birth certificates when there’s a real one – namely, how did an expensively educated kid from Hawaii plunge into the filthy pool of Chicago machine politics and emerge smelling so sweet that America elected him president?
"Made man" Obama in his Chicago days.


Blogger Albanarius said...

Parse it any way you will, but Obama is still a 'godless communist'.

9:57 PM  

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