Monday, May 10, 2010

Who Is Vir Speluncae Catholicus?
Soon.... very soon

Should I keep my mysterious Nom de Internet or post my real name? And yes, I have a mercenary reason as to why I should give my personal info out.



Blogger Old Bob said...

Keep the mystery, Caveman. But . . . on the other hand . . . money is money. . . .

8:26 PM  
Blogger Adeodatus49 said...

Don't be too quick to post personal information. There are some hombres malos in cyber-space.

10:41 PM  
Blogger StarbucksMom... said...

If your life won't be in danger, and it benefits you, go for it!
Either way, I will keep reading your blog!

12:54 AM  
Blogger aka the Mom said...

It depends...If this is to promote your new book, then please promote away.

3:00 AM  
Blogger Former Altar Boy said...

If you want to reveal your personal stuff (dangerous), do it as a link to another page of the website, but continue to post uder your nom de blog.

7:41 AM  
Blogger readagreda said...

Pray about it!

11:28 AM  
Blogger TH2 said...

I certainly am not going to tell you what to do, but whatever your decision, I would only advise to wait a bit and thinks things through. Specifically, I mean to anticipate and predict how your enemies will react - kind of like a military strategy. If you have a reasonable estimate of the response, i.e. you know what's coming, then you can overwhelm them in whatever way.

Shock and awe, Caves... shock and awe.

11:31 AM  
Blogger Erin said...

Myself, I'd settle for a "contact us" button for those occasional off-topic questions. As for the rest... anonymity in the Internet age is priceless. Even if they don't choose to mess with a Marine and his equally dangerous wife, online interference can score about an 11 on the nuisance meter. God be with you whatever you decide.

3:15 PM  
Blogger Volpius Leonius said...

Doing that would put you at a disadvantage as your enemies would know who you are but you wouldn't necessarily know them, which is all the advantage the cowardly need.

6:06 PM  
Blogger Helen said...

Vinny Spelunker's not your real name?

Hope you stay anonymous, VSC

7:08 PM  
Blogger Batjacboy said...

Everybody in the Catholic world, including his Holiness, knows who the Caveman is, what the Caveman thinks, and what the Caveman says. And all the great, high-level hierarchical figures in the Church go by their formal titles:

Secretary of State

Just as it should be.

8:12 PM  
Blogger CynicalSon said...

Ah, but how will we know that the name you reveal is your real name? Recall that Joseph Vissarionovich Dzhugasvili first went by the nomme de guerre Koba and then changed to yet another nomme de guerre: Stalin.

I’m rather hoping that your revealed name is Saint Michael the Archangel and that after you reveal it you tell us wage war on the modernist heretics with impunity. ;-)

P.S., thanks to all here for the help in finding a Latin Mass site. I will be transitioning near the end of this month. I have acquired a Wheelock’s Latin book, found several internet sites (e.g., with Latin information and I am trying to prepare a little.

When I posted the request for information I had recently attended my penultimate RCIA class at the Newman Center at the University of Kentucky. One Mrs. Lucy Swisher lectured on ethics/morality in which she preached well for the Dictatorship of Relativism. When she tried to tell us that the sin of Sodom was inhospitality (a gem I had heard before) I argued with her and her reply was that “It couldn’t have been homosexual acts because the men in Sodom were heterosexuals and this is the Catholic interpretation.” At that point one might say the discussion degenerated somewhat in civility—indeed, if Mrs. Swisher is right about the sin of Sodom being inhospitality, then I might need to go to confession and tell the priest that I sodomized Mrs. Swisher in front of my RCIA class. (I think the Church may have been a little rash and shelved the Malleus Maleficarum a bit too soon). But it’s nice to see there are true believers here that don’t treat Faith as a “noble lie” to advance cultural Marxism and socialism. God bless!

9:15 PM  
Blogger Philip Gerard Johnson said...

I'll reveal his name for $10.

5:34 PM  
Blogger Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

I'll pay you $11 not to.

5:38 PM  

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