Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother Theresa - Hate Monger?
Helmet tip to my NY goomba-ette, Helen

Some people are so hate-filled, they would even attack Blessed Teresa. Pretty sad, 'eh?

Here's some of an e-mail my buddy Helen sent to me - Emphasis mine.

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From: Brian Burch -
Sent: Wed, May 5, 2010 3:55 pm
Subject: Confirmed

Dear Friend of CatholicVote,

I have wonderful news. The Mother Teresa stamp is coming! Over 138,000 friends of joined together to defend the stamp to honor Mother Teresa. And the Postal Service took notice.

Roy Betts, a spokesman for the Postal Service, told yesterday:

“The stamp will be dedicated September 5 [at] the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC. Feel free to post information about the stamp, the image and the dedication ceremony on your website. Thanks!”
Wow. Launching the stamp at a church. The anti-religion radicals are going to go wild!

When the stamp was first announced, a group called the Freedom from Religion Foundation began spreading lies about Blessed Mother Teresa, accusing this holy nun of having a ‘darker side,’ and calling her a ‘polarizing Roman Catholic figurehead.’

Mother Teresa gave a pro-life speech when she accepted the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. This radical group called her speech a “disturbing, befrogged religious rant.” That’s why we swung into action to “Stamp Out Bigotry!”

Thank you for signing our petition. It truly made a difference. If your friends or family would like to add their names in support of the Mother Teresa stamp and against those who attack this holy nun, tell them to visit .

Too often only one side of this debate is heard. This time the Post Office heard from us. A separate spokesperson for USPS even told a reporter that our efforts were appreciated.

You would think attacking Mother Teresa would be off limits. But in our world, respect and decency can be discarded so long as you're bashing Christianity. A small but vocal segment of our country will stop at nothing to cut down the role of religion in our public life.

Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, pray for us.

Brian Burch


Blogger Adeodatus49 said...

The noted atheist, Christopher Hitchens, has also made similarly bigoted statements about Mother Teresa.

9:51 AM  
Blogger eulogos said...

On my college alumni list many people made very negative remarks about Mother Teresa.
One complaint, believe it or not, is that she did not give "standard of care" medical care to the people in her hospices in India, yet accepted Western medical care for herself. (I think the Pope had to order her to do so, if I remember correctly.) Apparently it would have been better to let them die in the street if she couldn't immediately establish a full fledged hospital and put them all on IV's and cardiac monitors..

This is the only cogent complaint which I remember. The rest of it was just pure anti-religious hatred and I don't remember the details.

Susan Peterson

6:32 AM  
Blogger Fr. Paul said...

Seems that I remember many "religious figures" have had their faces on stamps--Martin Luther King, Jr for one--no one raised a stink about that. Mother Theresa was a Nobel Prize Winner, a strong feminine face for the Catholic Church and a truly holy woman--she deserves a stamp!!
Fr. Paul Hartley

5:08 PM  

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