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But Shouldn't They Be Executed For Committing Sodomy?
One would think

These silly moslems need to make up their minds. Sodomites need to be executed? Sodomy for so-called 'allah' is good? C'mon guys... you need to make up your minds!

Here's some of a rather disturbing article from; (Emphasis mine)
Pakistani Muslims Severely Beat, Sodomize Christian Barber
Brother of Muslim who insisted on having beard cut, seven others, break hair-cutter’s bones.

SARGODHA, Pakistan, April 28 (CDN) — A Christian barber in this Punjab Province city is still recovering from broken bones and other injuries sustained earlier this month after eight Muslims allegedly beat and sodomized him for cutting the beard of a Muslim.

Marwat Masih, 29, initially refused the request of 19-year-old Qandeel Cheema to cut his beard in Sargodha’s Gulshan-e-Bashir town on April 13, knowing that area Sunni Muslims believe the Quran prohibits it. But Cheema, a high school student, told Masih that he had lived and studied in Lahore and therefore wanted a more modern look, the bed-ridden and feeble Masih told Compass.

Eyewitnesses told Compass that as Masih was cutting Cheema’s beard, the client’s older brother – local radical Muslim land owner Shakeel Cheema – was returning by tractor from his fields and, noting the family Jeep in front of the Marwat Hair Stylist shop, stopped in.

“When Shakeel Cheema saw me shaving his younger brother’s beard, he became angry and started vandalizing mirrors, the sound system and chairs, and he desecrated a wooden cross perched on the top of the front mirrors,” Masih said. “He also started beating my head with his shoes.”

Eyewitnesses told Compass that Shakeel Cheema shouted orders to his companions to tie Masih up and throw him into the wagon attached to his tractor, and that he ordered his younger brother to leave for Lahore at once.

Masih said that he was blindfolded with a black cloth and taken to an unknown place where he was locked in a room. An hour later, Shakeel Cheema and seven others arrived and began striking him with clubs, breaking his ribs, a wrist and leg bones.

“Shakeel Cheema said, ‘Now we are going to teach you a real lesson for shaving the beard of a Muslim man,” Masih said, and after a long, pained pause he related how Cheema and the seven others sodomized him. “I started bleeding and fell unconscious.”

His father, Laal Masih, older brother Hassrat Masih and other relatives had begun searching for him, and after midnight that night they found him lying half-naked and unconscious off the main street of Gulshan-e-Bashir town, his father told Compass. They immediately took him to Rural Health Centre, where doctors kept him under observation for two days and treated him for internal bleeding and the broken ribs, leg bones and wrist.
“We submitted an application to the Saddr police twice, but they took no action against Shakeel Cheema and his accomplices,” Laal Masih said. The family is appealing to Christian ministers and parliamentarians for assistance.

Police have refused to file a First Information Report against Cheema and his accomplices, who all remained at large at press time.

A shopkeeper next to Masih’s barbershop told Compass that the barber deserved the abuse.
He deserves such punishment, as he did something that is forbidden according to the teaching of the Quran and the sunna [arabic word for the sayings or habits of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam],” said Muhammad Maqsood, who has a long, white beard. “Marwat Masih paid for his crime.”


Blogger Joe of St. Thérèse said...

It's only bad when it doesn't benefit Islam, It's a preview of what America will be like in a few years if we let the Zero and his "Muslim sympathies" rule the day

11:22 AM  
Blogger Dirtdartwife said...

I don't think I'll ever be able to understand how sodomy is supposed to be acceptable to a religion. Just the image of it is deplorable, reducing a human being down to the position of a dog and raping them of their dignity. And these same men, who enjoy raping other men and calling it a religious practice in order to uphold some sadistic law of that religion, how the hell can you possibly tell me they can enjoy their wives after having done that? I can't imagine a husband going home and telling their wife "Hey honey, I just bonejabbed some dude doggie style because he cut some other dude's beard. Come here and gimme some poontang." Where the hell is the dignity in either the victim of the initial rape and now the wife? Ugg!

4:52 PM  
Blogger TCN said...

No man comes near me after putting his putter inside another man. Period. That is plain disgusting, and positively inhuman, but then that pretty well describes the whole "religion" of Islam anyway.


9:33 PM  
Blogger Coffee Catholic said...

Um... yeah. And we're supposed to be thrilled to bits that these kinds of backwards barbaric dogs are mass-immigrating into our civilized countries????

4:29 AM  
Blogger Al said...

I'm surprized the Main Stream Media hasn't tried to spin this & say it was actually a gang of "Tea Party" members in disguise taking out their anti-immigrant anger.

5:16 AM  

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