Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thoughts On Cops...
And cop stuff

Yes, they're rioting in the streets of Phoenix. Is this the latest in the series Tea Partiers Gone Wild? No, I think not.

Anyhoo, liberals everywhere are stroking-out at the mere mention that local cops could be making arrests on federal charges.

But don't city, county and state law enforcement already do that? Yep... they sure do. Or could, as the case may be.

Here's what I'm getting at -- one of the very few murder on the federal level would be for assassinating the POTUS. OK, the Prez visits Anytown, USA and manages to get himself whacked by some malcontent.

What do you think local law enforcement is going to do? Just sit on their hands while the Secret Service and the US Marshalls are turning Anytown upside down? Noooo.... they're going to be doing everything in their power to catch that nasty guy who just violated a federal law.

Federal murder rap or a federal illegal immigration rap... breaking the law is breaking the law, period.


Blogger scotju said...

Yeah, breaking the law is breakiing the law period, but try explaining that to some of our bishops who have such bleeding hearts!

11:45 AM  
Blogger Confiteor said...

Look, it is true that an unjust law is invalid. Hence, if Congress passed a law similer to the Chinese "one child" policy then the citizenry would be well within their rights to break that law given that it would be inherently unjust. And in that instance the "law is the law" argument would be a clear case of misguided legal positivism. The problem with the American bishops is that they have simplistically and erroneously categorized the illegal immigration issue as one of flawed legal positivism. Therefore, you cannot rely on the argument that the "law is the law" to adequately address this issue with regards to the ridiculous stance taken by too many American bishops.

What we should all be asking our bishops is what on earth are they actually advocating? They should be forced to give specifics and not be allowed to hide behind stupid cliches. And they should be forced to discuss this issue in the realm of reality and with facts and should not be permitted to speak in platitudes and generalities.

In 2008 alone, the federal government handed out over one million green cards. Over a million during a period of time when this country lost 5 million jobs and during a period of time where our country is on the verge of bankruptcy because it cannot come anywhere close to being able to pay for the services promised to the people who already live here. That means more legal residents competing for less jobs and more legal residents demanding diminishing government services. In time, that means a further depressing of wages and severely diminished standard of living for the vast majority of Americans. And this is just the ones who have come here legally. The idea that America does not provide ample opportunity for people to immigrate to this country for work legally is a complete myth.

I often wonder if some bishops wish to see America become a third world country and if that is indeed the case, then what good will that do for anyone, let alone the immigrants? If we just become another Mexico in the next ten years because of the bishops seeming "no borders" immigration position, not to mention their support of things like ObamaCare, then where will the migrant workers of 2020 flee to in order to escape their dead end situations? And since when did the Catholic Church abandon its position on the rights of nations to defend their sovereignty?

What America is facing right now with illegal immigration is a hostile invasion of sorts and it is painful for me as a young Catholic father to see the prospects of my children's future under assault while at the same time listen to those who are suppose to be advocates of the Catholic family be so obtusely dismissive about people's legitimate concerns and fears.

All I have to say is that if the bishops get there way and Obama grants amnesty to these people and if Obama gets his thirty million new voters to ensure is reelection in perpetuity and to ensure a full blown communist takeover of this country, then they darn well better not pester me about their bishop's annual appeal or their regular diocesan collections. At that point none of us will have any money to give them anyway.

8:57 PM  

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