Monday, November 09, 2009

Nidal Malik Hassan - Hero
You knew this was coming

Elias Harfoush better watch his ass. He's a rare bird, indeed. A moslem who condemns terrorism? Like I said... he better watch his ass.

Anyhow, here's some of his article from the newspaper Dar al Hayat (London & Beirut);
It is not unlikely for us to hear today, in the streets of our Arab and Muslim cities, those who would praise the “heroism” of Nidal Hassan, as we have heard in the past those who have praised the “heroism” of Mohamed Atta and his comrades, who carried out the “invasion” of New York and Washington, the “heroism” of those who committed the crimes of July 2005 in the subways of the British capital, or of the two “doctors” who attempted to bomb a nightclub in London and to break into Glasgow Airport in Scotland. All because these people were able to storm the cities and strongholds of “aggression”, to strike a blow against the security protection that surrounds them, and to do away, or attempt to do away, with the largest possible number of those who live in them.


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