Tuesday, November 10, 2009

And I wonder Why It Is That B. Hussein Is Withholding Info?
Doesn't want any of his brother "mooslimz" fingered

Helmet tip to FB

Barack Hussein Obama is a danger to this country. If he doesn't destroy us economically or financially, he'll do it by looking the other way (or purposefully covering it up) while his brother mooslimz kill us.

Here's some of an article by CNSNews.com;
Ranking Republican on Intel Committee Says Administration is Witholding Information on Fort Hood Attack, Demands Intelligence Community Preserve Documents for Possible Congressional Probe

(CNSNews.com) – Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-Mich.), the ranking Republican on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, said Monday that the Obama administration has been withholding “critical information” on the Fort Hood murders allegedly committed by Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan.

"President Obama said people should not jump to conclusions about what happened at Fort Hood, but the administration is in possession of critical information related to the attack that they are refusing to release to Congress or the American people," Hoekstra said in a statement.

As the ranking member on the House intelligence committee, Hoekstra is one of the so-called Gang of Eight--a group of lawmakers that included the leaders of the House and Senate and the leaders of the House and Senate intelligence committees--who are briefed on intelligence activities deemed too sensitive to share with the full intelligence committees.

“Over the past 24 hours, I have been made aware of information from the intelligence community that suggests the possibility that serious issues exist with respect to the performance of U.S. intelligence agencies in connection with what appears to have been a terrorism-related attack on Fort Hood, Texas by Nidal Malik Hasan,” Hoekstra wrote.
“I am disappointed that the administration has not been more transparent with the American people.”

“Given the potential seriousness of these issues, I am troubled that the intelligence community has not been more immediately forthcoming with the congressional oversight committees and has refused to provide specific information I have requested to review in connection with this matter," said Hoekstra.

"The horrific shootings at Fort Hood are a tragic reminder of the potential deadly consequences of the threat posed by homegrown jihadism and the failure of the government to adequately respond to it," said Hoekstra.

[fourteen] people died and 29 more were injured after Hasan allegedly opened fire on the Fort Hood Army base.
I think the enigmatic FB hit the nail right on the head weith this rather illuminating video.

By the way, notice how DingleBarry speaks in this particular video with an Arabesque accent? But when he speaks to the throngs of his Oba-Zombies here in The States, he has that "Mississippi Black Baptist preacher" accent down pat.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the Amazin' Changin' ChameleObama as he morphs from "Mah Bruthah" to "Mooslim Brother" soooo effortlessly!


Blogger Coffee Catholic said...

Terrorist attack at Ft. Hood? What terrorist attack? Er... it was just a military psycologist "going on a rampage", ya know? No adherent of the Religion of Peace would kill anyone!

(The beautiful, oh-so-beautiful irony is that this Talaban piece of shit was shot down by a pregnant WOMAN. Take that you terrorist PIG!)

7:37 AM  
Blogger Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I just now thought of that, I've noticed the accent thingy with Zero...

I've still yet to figure out how Islam did all those things. Islam copied everything from the Byzantine Catholics and the various heretics were there.

8:10 AM  
Blogger Former Altar Boy said...

Great collection by whoever put this together. It needs to be seen by everyone! It is so hard to watch the way the Bobblehead-in-Chief works the teleprompters.

8:37 AM  
Blogger JLS said...

Is "allegedly" the first name of the terrorist insurgent?

Or, more accurately, why does the media insist that this assassin allegedly murdered people ... ?

8:04 PM  
Blogger Anita Moore said...

I like that word "allegedly" in the same sentence as "Nidal Hasan" and "murders."

10:02 PM  
Blogger Tatum said...

Enigmatic?! LOL!!
Happy Birthday, Marines. I offered a Mass for you guys today.

6:37 PM  

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