Friday, May 01, 2009

British MP Threatens To Murder Miss California
On the heels of Brazil's Homofascist President

Remember gang, Orwell already warned us that 'some animals are more equal than others'. Dontchya just love the tolerant Left? Here's some of the article from The Telegraph of London; (Emphasis mine)
Tory Alan Duncan defends joke about killing Miss America contestant
Tory frontbencher Alan Duncan has been forced to defend himself after joking about killing a Miss America contestant over her anti-gay stance on a television comedy show.

The openly gay MP, who is married to 40-year-old press officer James Dunseath, was commenting on remarks made by the reigning 21-year-old Miss California Carrie Prejean at the Miss America beauty pageant last week.

Mr Duncan, 51, described blonde Miss Prejean as a "silly bitch", then added: "I don't agree with her at all." After a pause, he went on:
"If you read that Miss California has been murdered, you will know it was me won't you?"

Fellow contestants on the BBC One programme, comedians Katy Brand, Frank Skinner and Paul Merton, appeared shocked by his comments. "That's a hell of a statement to be making on camera there Alan," Katy Brand said. "For someone planning to be Home Secretary," Paul Merton added.

It is not known how many people complained to the BBC or Ofcom. The Metropolitan Police received a complaint from George Hargreaves, the leader of evangelical political party The Christian Party whose members believe that homosexuality is a sin.

"Mr Duncan has crossed the line," Mr Hargreaves said. "A senior politician suggesting, even as a joke, that it is OK that Miss Prejean should be murdered for her evangelical Christian views is totally unacceptable.
Could you even imagine the shit-storm raised if someone 'joked' about killing sodomites? Oh... and I wonder where the cries of protest against this queer are from our stouthearted Catholic 'leaders' in the UK?


Blogger Baron Korf said...

I wonder what would happen Pat Buchanan joked about Perez 'disappearing'?

How long before he is arraigned? Place bets now!

4:37 PM  
Blogger Subvet said...

"I wonder where the cries of protest against this queer are from our stouthearted Catholic 'leaders' in the UK?"

You'll have to speak up Cavey, their silence is drowning you out.

6:49 PM  
Blogger wildcat_conservative said...

I thought Tories were the UK equivalent of Republicans? A gay Tory threatning a conservative woman over free speech?!! Jeez. What is the world coming to?

1:06 PM  

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