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What is it About the Extraordinary Form?
Follow up to Caveness' Posting about the Fruits of Vatican II

It is interesting as I read through all of the comments from VSC's post regarding the NO Mass and the EF Mass. There were some that talked about other impacts during that time, like material satisfaction, general lack of formation, etc....

His point is that these conditions that we see now, loss of faith, lack of formation, worldliness are all fruits that were born from the radicalization of the Mass. The Sacred Liturgy is the linchpin of the Catholic Faith. Do not forget that at Mass we travel back in time to that moment on Calvary when Our Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins. How can you focus your mind and travel back when you have tons of people glad handing each other, holding hands, and walking up into the sanctuary to help distribute communion.

The NO Mass was turned into a self worship Mass by radicals. When done properly it can be a very beautiful Mass, but lets face it, nothing will ever quiet the mind as well as the EF. The mind must be quiet so that the soul can receive its weekly (wishing it could be daily) repair and grace. Otherwise your are just going to a weekly gathering of your favorite Sunday club. It is highly unlikely that anyone is spending much time thanking God for another week to try to perfect their soul when the focus is so horizontal.

By bending to the world we have let our culture lose the respect and sanctity of Sunday, the workplace and public schools respecting Holy Days. Not to mention the very direct and purposeful development of vocations to the Priesthood.

One other mention I will make here is that there is literally no argument for Mass in the vernacular. Latin is universal, it is easily understood and is the base language from which many languages were derived. If I am travelling in another country and they are saying Mass in their local language I am out of touch. If they are using Latin, I am in touch. Also having to focus on what is going on and following the Mass in your missal you begin to get a much deeper understanding and appreciation for what is occurring before you. Not to mention that the wording used at Mass when verbalized in the vernacular loses some of its impact through familiarity. This is a hard one for me to explain, but I will try to give an example. I am around my Priest fairly often compared to the "average" parishioner. I work hard at making sure that I do not become to "familiar" for fear of allowing the level of respect I show to diminish. It happens when we become too "familiar". The Latin makes a person work harder at prayer and when assisting at Mass. The NO and use of vernacular allows a soul to become slouchy and dare I say slothy (I know it is not a word).

Anyway, the slow and steady move back to the Extraordinary Form is exactly what the Catholic Church needs, if you are not being provided this opportunity you should immediately petition your Bishop, with all proper respect and patience!

Thanks VSC for a great post!


Blogger Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

Thanks, buddy!!

5:12 AM  
Blogger Former Altar Boy said...

And than you ofr a great post, SV. Excellent points, not the least of which is your comment about the universality of the Extraordinary Form. As long as one had his missal in his own language, he could attend a Mass anywhere in the world and would know exactly what was happening and when it would happen. The Mass, except for the readings and sermon in the local langauge, was in one language worldwide.

7:13 AM  
Blogger Mary Rose said...

I so enjoy your posts and especially, when they focus on my beloved TLM. I wanted to let you know I recently posted an entry called "The Traditional Latin Mass, Men, and Masculinity." I think you might find the links interesting.

The TLM has affected me in ways I never imagined. When I returned to the Catholic church last year, I can wholeheartedly say I was tired of the carnival-style approach of many non-denominational churches. I'm one of the few Catholics who left but came back - and, came back for complete, unadulterated, "no added fillers" Catholic church. The TLM has given it to me.

I'm currently working on a book regarding my return, and a heavy emphasis is going to be placed on the TLM. My goal is reach ex-Catholics still hanging out in church services that are more entertainment than true worship. If you could keep me in your prayers, I'd appreciate it.

Keep on fighting the good fight, Cavemen (and Cavewomen)! You always lift my spirits and challenge me to do my utmost for His Kingdom.

6:16 PM  
Blogger Adeodatus49 said...

I returned to full time attendance at the TLM due to noise. Noise as the previous Novus Ordo Mass got out. Noise as the hanger arounds in the Church after mass held conversations in the nave in a loud voice, even when the tabernacle was opened to distribute Hosts to those taking the Holy Eucharist to the sick and shut-ins. Noise as the incoming choir set up. Noise as the congregation awaited the beginning of mass. Noise. Noise. Noise. It got to me so that I was angry and frustrated by the experience through the whole mass.

Now it is all different. I get blessed quiet before mass starts, except for the public recitation of the rosary which is another bonus of the TLM. And I am no longer angry and frustrated during the liturgy.

7:17 PM  

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