Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Great Catholic Re-Awakening Continues In SF
...And Jesuits lead the way!

Aren't we the lucky ones to be living through this period in time that's been branded 'The Springtime of The Church'?

Here's some of the article from The California Catholic Daily; (Emphasis mine)
Three courses with six students in each class
University of San Francisco shutting down graduate theology program

Beginning this fall, the Jesuit-run University of San Francisco will end its graduate program in theology, citing low demand for its Master of Arts in Theology.

“The university currently does not offer a Master of Arts in Theology and is not accepting applications for Fall 2009 admission,” says an announcement on the university’s website under the heading, “Theology Graduate Program Overview.”

USF spokesman Gary McDonald told Catholic San Francisco, the archdiocesan weekly, that in the current semester, there were sufficient students for just three courses, with an average enrollment of six in each class.

The university will instead “focus its resources on undergraduate theology and religious studies,” reported the April 24 edition of Catholic San Francisco.
And what a rousing success the Undergrad program has been, huh? I gotta say it again, gang... by their fruits, you shall know them.

And of course, there have been some success stories in regards to The New & Improved Vatican II Approved Catholic Church. But let's not look at the aerial photograph of Catholicism from 100 feet... let's look at the shot from 10,000 feet.

Only then can we objectively view the ruin that has transformed our once virile and morally strong Church into a sickly, confused old man who on a daily basis gets smacked around and spit on by his own children.


Blogger ignorant redneck said...

just be obnoxious--it's actually good news when something like this happens! One less fake catholic theology dept. passing our masters in dissent and sodomitic studies.

8:35 AM  
Blogger Baron Korf said...

If I wanted to do graduate work in Theology, I wouldn't want to be in "Sodom-by-the-Bay" either.

9:09 AM  
Blogger Clinton said...

Sadly, this wreckage seems to be the desired end
for "progressives" in the Church, like the Jesuits of
USF. Running an order, a college, or a seminary
into the ground does keep it out of the hands of
those who might actually turn the institution around and use it to build up the Church.

USF, of course, is the school where Fr. Fessio, of
Ignatius Press fame, had his Ignatius Institute, a
Great Books program that taught the classics
of western civilization and Catholic theology. It
was very successful. So successful that Fr.
Fessio was relocated to become the assistant
chaplain at a hospital 400 miles away.

USF is also the school where the faculty of the
theology department has gone public with its
contempt for the requirement for a mandatum.
The mandatum is permission granted by one's
bishop to teach Catholic theology. The encyc-
lical Ex Corde Ecclesia requires it. I recall an
interview published in the National Catholic
Register where a member of the USF theology
faculty, a priest, stated that the theology
department regarded the mandatum as "a joke"
and that no one he knew bothered to obtain one
from the bishop.

My impression is that these people know that
their vision for the Church in America is
going nowhere, and their generation is nearing
its own "biological solution". So while they
draw their salaries at the universities and the
chanceries they will use their time to make sure
that when they are gone their enemies will
inherit only wreckage.

1:01 PM  

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