Friday, April 03, 2009

Michael Ramirez Nails It
From Investor's Business Daily


Blogger Greta said...

This had to fulfill a dream for Obama and his wife. To go to Europe and be able to tell everyone that America was wrong until he got here to change things. The hate that these two have for America is telling in every action.

Some few think he is out there trying to save America. He is out to remake it into a socialist state or destroy it. He has no intention of allowing it to stay as it has been since its founding. He has no intention of paying any attention to the Constitution he swore to uphold because he does not see that as applying to him or his wife.

If Americans do not soon wake up and rise up, we will have a hard time overcoming the damage that he is bringing to our country. Osama Gin Laden would not have picked a better terrorist attack than having these two in power.

10:39 PM  

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