Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Love The Delta Smelt, Worship The Delta Smelt
But sacrifice the human

An animal is loved and lives, but the human is reviled and sacrificed... isn't that the textbook definition of paganism?

Here's some of an absurdly amazing article from; (Emphasis mine) Judge Cuts Water to California Farmers to Save Endangered Fish

ABC gave rare attention to the plight of drought-stricken farmers in California who have been denied access to a major water supply by a judge citing the Endangered Species Act to protect a type of fish.
Correspondent Lisa Fletcher informed viewers: "And for the first time ever, farmers may be completely cut off from one of their sources of water. Farmers don't have access to this water that runs right through the center of their farmland. It is being allocated to the delta smelt, a little fish protected by the Endangered Species Act. Conservationists say the smelt are dying in the irrigation pumps, so a judge ruled they must be shut off for much of the growing season."

The report ended with a soundbite of Firebaugh, California, city manager Jose Ramirez pleading for more water: "All our people want here is a job. That's all we want. You let the water flow, food will grow, and jobs will flow after that, and we're in business."


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