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Can The Holy Father See The Forest Through The Trees?
I know the Pope purposefully moves slowly and deliberately, but souls are in the balance

I honestly do love His Holiness, but this really does concern me. Here's some of the article from The Daily Mail; (Emphasis mine) Pope warns of 'a desert of godlessness' in Good Friday address

Pope Benedict XVI last night attacked the rise of aggressive secularism in Western societies, warning them that they risked drifting into a 'desert of godlessness'.

'Religious sentiments' were increasingly ranked among the 'unwelcome leftovers of antiquity' and 'held up to scorn and ridicule', he added.

'Jesus is humiliated in new ways even today when things that are most holy and profound in the faith are being trivialised, the sense of the sacred is allowed to erode. 'Values and norms that held societies together and drew people to higher ideals are laughed at and thrown overboard. Jesus continues to be ridiculed.'
Holy Father, I have to point out the obvious... everything prior to the Second Vatican Council is looked upon as medieval, superstitious and backwards.

No one has to look very hard to find examples of Church leaders continually placing the condition "in light of Vatican II" or "in keeping with the spirit of the Second Vatican Council" before they say anything and everything ranging from the publication of diocesan norms to everyday sermons.

Was there even a Catholic Church before V2? It's as though 33 AD - 1962 AD were "the lost years of Catholicism".

Holy Father, if you want to know why 'religious sentiments' are increasingly ranked among the 'unwelcome leftovers of antiquity' and 'held up to scorn and ridicule', just look to your left and your right during the next few Ad Limina visits or at the next meeting of the Curia.


Blogger Al said...

I think Papa Benedetto is very much aware of what is going on. & is doing what he can.

The thing we tend to forget is that eras like this occured many times in the Church. & they saw the rise of some of our great Saints to battle it. Saints who reformed their diocese as Bishop, despite opposition of a huge majority of priests, saints who reformed their religious orders because of how lax they became, new orders that were formed, Popes who defended orthodoxy while being opposed at times by the majority of Bishops.

Yes, it is hard for us to see all the problems in the Church. We MUST speak out & encourage the Pope. We must call our priests & Bishops to reform. & we must PRAY!

The Church has been arround for almost 2000 yrs. & no one that I know of is more aware of that continuity than the Holy Father. It took time for things to be cleaned up in the past (years & even decades) & it will take time again.

Quite honestly, these days it seems like all of the old heresies of the past are rearing their ugly heads at once. It is almost as if Satan knows his time is short & is making 1 last grand attempt to destroy God's Church. But I take comfort in 2 things that assure me that Satan won't win.

1 is Jesus' promise that even the Gates of Hell won't prevail against the Church. Or the rock (the Pope) that He is building it on.

2nd. St. John Bosco's vision of the 2 Pillars of Mary & the Eucharist. Pope John Paul started us on the road to a return to authentic Marian devotion. Papa Benedetto has continued that. (Not that you'd know from the media). He is also working to restore the Eucharist to its proper place.

As I said, it will take time, but it will happen. It just isn't easy for us who know what should be to see that we aren't there yet.

10:37 PM  
Blogger TCN said...

Don't freak out yet--he knows why, and he is about to do something about it, else he wouldn't have made this comment. He is more clever by half than the idiots who dis him.

I'm just sayin'.

12:08 AM  
Blogger Smiley said...

Hey your jesting in your post are you not. This Pope is the best we have. He suffers tremendously becasue he loves the church a lot and the personal attacks on Him as well as the Church and Christ must stop.

9:01 AM  
Blogger Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

I'm not coming down on the Holy Father... I'm just frustrated. I know he "takes small steps that have far reaching effects" as a Protestant minister recently stated, I just wish he'd come down HARD and public on some of the open heretics we have in The Church.

9:56 AM  
Blogger Smiley said...

Think of a big tree which has got bent. If you try to get it back straight all at once it will snap, you need to slwoly bend it back every day applying slow pressure till it is straight.

This is an analogy for what the POPE is doing for us at this point in time.

10:38 AM  
Blogger Greta said...

Sorry, I agree with the post and think a lot more can and should be done. We are not talking a year of issues, but over 40 years of dissent. How many lost souls lay at the feet of the bishops and the failure of the Pope to act. If the tree is not bearing fruit, what did Jesus say about the tree. Hell, let it snap.

10:51 PM  

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