Saturday, February 28, 2009

Feds Nab Man In Obama Assassination Plot
From the Houston Chronicle

How scary. Some guy sends HIV tainted blood to The South-Side Stooge in what can only be described as one of the chapters from "World's Dumbest Assassination Attempts".

Here we go... who could have been the despicable character who would send our beloved Obamessiah something... anything... that may have caused harm?

Undoubtedly, some crazed redneck from the deep South. Possibly a militia member from the Mid-West? I'll bet he's one of those White supremacists who's joined The Minutemen (never mind the fact that their National Executive Director has the family name of Garza).

Nahhh... so who's the guy in custody? Saad Hussein originally from Ethiopia.

Could you imagine the shit-storm if he was a White guy? You can bet your ass this story wouldn't be on page 14.


Blogger gramps said...

Might even be worse now than KKK if he had a car with a Rush Limbaugh sticker on it.

1:48 AM  

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