Friday, February 27, 2009

$1.8 Million For “Swine Odor And Manure Management.”
From the New York Times

And this is creating jobs... how?

Oops, silly me. Someone now has the envious position of spending eight hours a day with their nose up some pig's ass.

Talk about bringing home the bacon. From the inside out.


Blogger Al said...

“Swine Odor And Manure Management” is actually the new program for Congress to spin what they are doing while in session.

Here in Iowa the smell of manure is the smell of money. It is only a problem for those leftist city folks who moved to the country thinking they were getting away from it all & instead are faced with the reality they were trying to escape. In other words, that bunch who moved out to the country who think theirs didn't found out that not only does theirs, but so does that of the food they eat.

5:44 AM  

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