Saturday, January 03, 2009

Evolution, World Over-Population...
And other myths
WARNING! Harsh language alert!

As I've stated before, I think the "theory" of evolution is bullshit. Adaption is closer to the truth. According to evolution, it doesn't cease until we all become gods. Hence, atheists and Mormons are ape-shit crazy over evolution.

And concerning the myth of over-population, here's the formula;

The area 1 person would use, standing up (approximately 1 square foot). Multiply this number by the current world population (approximately 7 billion). Convert 7 billion square feet into square miles (1 square mile = 27,878,400 square feet. So that's 27,878,400 X 251, or 7,000,000,000 square feet = 251.09 square miles).

Now, if the square miles are equal to whatever geographic entity you have in mind, then the world's population will fit with 1 square foot per person.

Amazingly enough, the following place just so happens to be 251 square miles in area; Roanoke County, Virginia. Take a look at a map and see just how small Roanoke County is.

And the City of Los Angeles is double that size (not LA County... not the greater metropolitan LA are, just the City of...) That means that the entire world's population has 2 square feet per person.

And if I haven't convinced you yet of what an absolute Margaret Sanger-hysterical bullshit myth "world over-population" is, consider that teeny-tiny Rhode Island is only 1,214 square miles in area. That's 5 square feet per person... for the entire world's population.

There is no world over-population. Just hype and scare tactics from the New World Order freaks.


Blogger Arkanabar T'verrick Ilarsadin said...

The whole overpopulation myth was started by Rev. Thomas Robert Malthus.

In spite of his extraordinarily broad influence, history has demonstrated that he was wrong.

10:48 PM  
Blogger Former Altar Boy said...

Mormons do believe that some members (I think one requirement is a temple wedding) become gods. They do not, however, believe in Darwinian evolution. (Just setting the record straight.)

10:06 AM  
Blogger Dad29 said...

A prof at UC-Humboldt once calculated that the entire population of the world could fit into the State of Texas--INCLUDING all necessary land for housing, factories, schools, and parks, streets, etc.

1:52 PM  
Blogger Simplex Vir said...

Worry about overpopulation leads to situations like the post above this!

1:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think some of the concern is not for a place to stand or exist but the arable land necessary to feed each of those individuals at a sustainable level.

Either way, I don't think overpopulation is a concern as much as some of the populations trends that are being seen in the developed world where population levels will begin to decrease as death rates become greater than birth rates. I think we could see a whole new set of problems.

1:01 AM  
Blogger alzb33 said...

overpopulation is not a myth. the more we populate the world, the more stress we put on it. we live in a world with limited resources. that is a fact. population grows exponentially ie as it grows it grows faster and faster. think about it: limited resources, unlimited population. And your UC humboldt professor was wrong, or was at least ignoring the most important part of human land use: agriculture. Each person cannot live in 1 square foot, or even 5, because of the room that that person requires for waste disposal and growing food, among other things. Your illustration of how few people there are because of how tightly you could pack them is a meaningless fallacy, because it ignores so many facts of human existence.

Also, talking about evolution when you clearly don't understand it is a bad idea: it loses you credibility. Evolution theory does not predict that we will become gods. The forces that drive it stop working as soon as there isn't something called "selection pressure." Without people getting killed because they lack some vitally important trait, there is no need to change. If they survive long enough to breed, evolution deems them a successful creature, and it stops working. Noob.

seriously, how can ignorance like this be so prevalent in a country as developed as the US?

3:38 AM  
Blogger Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

I don't believe I ever said that any given human could live off of one sf. You did. Do I really have to break it down into such simplistic terms for you to understand that I was attempting to illustrate that the entire population of the world can fit into a fairly small area? I guess I have to.

And you also fail to understand even the basics of the English language when you say "seriously, how can ignorance like this be so prevalent in a country as developed as the US?". "Ignorance" means unknowing. Obviously, I do "know" what I'm talking about... I simply have the bad manners to disagree with you. And that really bothers you.

The real question here is; "seriously, how can arrogance the the ability to disregard the obvious like yours be so prevalent in a country as developed as the US?"

4:25 AM  

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