Friday, April 25, 2008

Gee... YA THINK!!??
Bishop admits hiring a man under investigation of child pornography charges "wasn't a good hire."

I still think that Senior Drill Instructor Gunnery Sergeant Hartmann says it best.

Here's some of the article from The AP; (Empasis and comments mine) Yakima diocese employee faces child porn charges in Oregon
By SHANNON DININNY / Associated Press

The bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Yakima said Tuesday he regrets hiring a retreat director known to be under investigation of child pornography charges in Oregon, saying it "wasn't a good hire." (I do believe the quote by the good Gunnery Sergeant still pertains.)

Juan Jose Gonzalez, 37, of Cowiche is being held on $80,000 bail at the Yakima County Jail on a fugitive warrant issued in Marion County, Ore. He faces four charges of encouraging child sex abuse, a felony, according to Yakima County Superior Court records. (Frater Urban Maria of The Millstone, your flight reservations to Washington State have been confirmed.)

Bishop Carlos Sevilla said he hired Gonzalez in 2003 to work part-time at the St. Peter Retreat Center in Cowiche because he viewed the incident as an "isolated episode," and because the job involved administrative work and teaching religious education to adults only, not children. Gonzalez was hired as full-time retreat director later that summer. (Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you... Zero Tolerance. *Cough, cough... bullshit, bullshit!!*)

The charges mark the latest challenge for a diocese that already has paid about $1.25 million to resolve sexual abuse claims involving seven priests. (But what's $1.25 million between friends?)

Robert Fontana of Voice of the Faithful, a support group for church-abuse victims and priests and church members seeking changes in the diocese, said the latest case fits a pattern of secrecy surrounding the Yakima diocese.

Fontana served as director of evangelization for the diocese from 1991-2005, before resigning over complaints that the bishop was mishandling abuse and child pornography cases. ([Sarcasm on] NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! [Sarcasm off])

"His behavior has been consistent with keeping secrets until he gets caught," Fontana said. "I love the church, I love this diocese, but what the bishop said has not been his pattern. His pattern is to keep it a secret." ([Sarcasm on] NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! [Sarcasm off]), Part II

According to a statement from the diocese, [Bishop] Sevilla did not inform the pastors in the Cowiche parish about the allegations against Gonzalez. Sevilla also did not notify the diocese Lay Advisory Board, charged with advising the bishop about matters pertaining to the sexual abuse of minors. (Lavender Mafia... WHAT Lavender Mafia!!??)
My painfully simple question... who made this guy a Bishop?


Blogger Joe of St. Thérèse said...

JPII, hmmm, time for the Church to pull out the depositon of Bishops' rite

2:54 PM  
Blogger Kit Brookside said...

GAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! Yer killin' me today! I have to clear my mind and examine my conscience before Mass, remember? Visions of throttling people aren't helping!

9:31 AM  

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