Saturday, April 19, 2008

Coming The Summer Of 2008
To a theater near you
Helmet tip by my goombaette, Alli over at Holy Cookie
(NOTE: This will only make sense of you've seen the Die Hard movies)

Die Hard With A Vestment!

The biggest, baddest bridge-builder this side of the Bavarian Alps is mad... and he ain't gonna take it any more. A lifetime to confess... a moment to die!

Follow the mad, crazy series of twists and turns as a renegade Defender of The Faith fresh off the mean streets of Rome, as he turns Canon Law into Cannon Law! Watch as The Pontificus Maximus become the Pontificus BLASTimus as he does Holy Battle against the forces of evil within and without The Holy Catholic Church!!

Enjoy the sneak peak with the leaked photos!!

We all know that smallest misunderstanding can lead to... well, you know what.


Time for grim, heroic determination. Time for a Pabst-Blast!


A moment of comic relief before the assault on the Evil Fortress.


And the famous catch-line used right before lotsa bad guys get greased.


Blogger Alli said...

LOL. Never actually seen the Die Hard movies (except for the latest one) ... but L-O-freakin-L.
So, so terrible... but hilarious.

8:40 AM  
Blogger Coffee Catholic said...

Oh my! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

1:13 PM  
Blogger Mar Vista Mustang said...

Noooooo! It's okay for Caveman to have a potty mouth, but not the Holy Father! Please, not the Holy Father!

11:56 AM  

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