Sunday, June 24, 2007

Forget About Barbarians At The Gate
They're already inside the walls

I remember that during the first Clinton inauguration, some Clinton flunky had made a derogatory remark about the military jets flying overhead. He was reminded by a more senior flunky, "those are our jets now." Yep, the barbarians were already in the city walls.

And here's a couple more examples of the very same thing happening in our own Church. Check out these headlines (and sub-headlines);

Edmonton Mayor's Gay Pride Brunch Held in Catholic Church Hall
Archbishop aware of upcoming event but did not cancel it fearing of legal repercussions

Private parts & Catholics parade in San Francisco
Catholics from San Francisco's Most Holy Redeemer parish once again plan to dance and march in the city's gay pride extravaganza. Father John Malloy blows the whistle on errant fellow priests.

For Edmonton's Archbishop Richard Smith and San Francisco's Archbishop George Niederauer, I think Dr. Cox says it best....

"Here's a prescription for two testicles. I suggest you have it filled immediately."


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