Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Horse Is A Horse, Of Course, Of Course...
Unless it's THIS kind of horse

Every so often, a ComBox posting takes on a life of its own. This is one of them.

From the enigmatic Bruce;

This happened two weeks ago in Manhattan. What do you think?

Walking on the Upper East Side towards Central Park , a friend and I came upon a strange looking automobile. He asked, "You know what that is? It's a Novus Ordo car." I concurred. Then, we wondered, "What would a Traditional Missal car look like."

Well, as we pondered, we crossed the street. At the corner, we passed a public phone and I noticed an advertisement featuring a horse. "A horse!" I said. It all came to me at once. I explained, "A horse is a living thing. The car is often seemingly lifeless. The horse grows organically. The car is manufactured, mechanistically fabricated, and frankensteinish. Of course,the car is modelled on the horse to some degree, hence it is said to have "horsepower." But, the car is designed for quickness and easy to use. The horse takes time and alot of work."

My friend then astutely added, "The car seats everyone comfortably. There's room for everyone. And You can play whatever kind of music you like." "Exactly," I thought, "If you want music while on the horse, you need to use your God-given living voice for song." I then proposed, "The horse can actually make people feel uncomfotable at times. The car intentionally seeks to avoid that. The car also comes in many styles to suit one's tastes."

We agreed that the comparison is fruit for meditation. I came away thinking, "The man-made car focuses upon the people within it and makes you want to stay on the journey. The horse, given by God, is a beautiful creature. But, even though we appreciate it, as we ride the horse, we are contantly focusing upon getting to our home destination. The journey remains a means to the end.

In worldly affairs cars are a great advance. But, we should never treat spiritual things as we do wordly things. The spiritual horse of the Pre-Pauline Traditional Mass is what has been passed on during the centuries unto us today. We must love and treat this living organic thing with respect, for it is given by God to carry us to paradise. While the spiritual car of the Novus Ordo may fulfill the purpose, it may cause us to focus too much upon human achievement and the mere journey."

Let us hope that the Holy Father gives us the Motu Proprio soon.


Blogger Bruce said...

Gratias ago tibi! Thank you for the honor of posting my liturgical musings.
Of course, analogies leave more differences than similarities. Therefore, if you and the Truth-loving readers of your blog would be willing to refine the analogy or even punch holes leading to its abandonment as improper, it would be appreciated.

9:19 AM  

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