Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ode To Mike Nifong
Sung to the tune of "Close To You" by The Carpenters

Made up crimes suddenly appear
Every time
you are near

and Friends want to be
Suing You

Why's a charge falling from the sky?
These three boys
Must you fry?

and Friends want to be
Suing You

On the day that broad yelled rape
the DA's got together
And decided to create a crime come true
So they withheld facts and evidence:
DNA, exculpatory, too

Dud-a-la dump

Dud-a-la dump

That is why
the lawyers they have found *they have found*
Follow you *follow you*
All around *all around*

Not Guilty
They're going to be
Suing you

Suing you

Suing you


Blogger Matthew said...

I liked that song caveman. I even got the sheet music for it

2:31 PM  
Blogger Patrick said...

Well done. Nifong richly deserves whatever happens to him. So does the woman.

Having said that, these "boys" are hardly innocent children. Parties consisting of strippers, underage drinking, racial epithets and sex with strangers - I've lost count of all the mortal sins in this story.

These guys were asking for trouble. It's no surprise to me that they got it. Here's the lesson we should be getting: stay away from strippers and it is very unlikely that one will falsely accuse you of rape.

4:59 PM  
Blogger Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

No argument from me that these three were hardly up for Canonization.

Yeah, a beer-bust with a stripper involved isn't exactly the most moral way to spend a Saturday night.

Don't think that I'm trying to lessen what they did. But, I'm sure that you'll agree with me that an evening of drunken stupidity doesn't rate 30 years in prison for rape. And that 30 years will be filled with constant beatings and rapings from the Black Muslims, and eventually having their throats slit.

But they could always go to the Aryan Brotherhood for protection. But then they would have to be someones bitch (and we know what that means) in order to keep the Black Muslims from raping them on a daily basis. Oh, and eventually killing them.

I'd wager that antics like their lil' beer-bust aren't on their agenda any time soon.


5:26 PM  
Blogger Patrick said...

I think we're agreed. My concern is that some people are taking from this the message that this Duke debauchery is fine and normal. It's not, as you say. The guys did not deserve what Nifong did to them, and had they gone to prison it would have been a huge injustice.

Here's a question: since we now know Nifong doesn't mind prosecuting people he knows to be not guilty of the alleged crimes, how many innocent people has he sent away to prison? He worked in the DA's office a long time, I believe.

8:32 PM  

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