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Further Evidence Of The Disaster That Is "The Spirit" Of Vatican II
We have met the enemy and they are us

A very disturbing headline from Catholic World News;
Giuliani leads among Catholic Republicans, poll finds

Here's just a bit;

American Catholics are somewhat more likely than other voters to support Rudy Giuliani in the Republican presidential primary, according to a survey commissioned by the Pew Forum for Religion & Public Life.

The Pew Forum found that among likely Democratic voters, Hillary Clinton gains the most support among self-identified Catholics.

Among the Republican contenders, Giuliani drew the highest level of support among Catholics. Nearly half-- 49%-- of the Catholic voters said that they were likely to support the former New York mayor... Only 15% of the Catholics surveyed said that there is "no chance" they would vote for Giuliani.

Hold on... back the truck up. Folks, this is a damn sight deeper than just Catholics who so desire to vote for a couple of individuals with somewhat liberal social views.

Here are two individuals who openly and proudly advocate the butchery of unborn children, legitimizing homosexual "civil unions", are in favor of killing babies for Frankensteinish experimentation, etc. And then we have rather sizable numbers of Catholics who have no problem placing either of these despicable characters into the Oval Office? And only a very, very small number of Catholics take official Church Teaching seriously?

Literally and figuratively, what the hell's going on? I'll tell you what the hell's going on... we Catholics, especially here in America, have been force-fed a steady diet of Relativism, Modernism, and moral ambiguity for the past 40+ years. And all of it has been under the banner of "The Spirit" of Vatican II.

How many times have we heard the heretical mantra "whatever my well formed conscience tells me!". The dopes who keep chanting that seem to forget that The Church has *never taught "whatever you think is right is right". But I have met priests and nuns who have said to me "it's only a sin if you think it's a sin", and "only you know what's right and wrong". Ladies and Gents... those are perfect examples of Modernism --- The Truth comes from within, not from above. And like I said, that's what we've had shoved down our throats since the late 60's.

So anyhow, what's the end result of all the sewage and pollution that's been stinkin' up the joint for so long? "Catholics" who have no problem whatsoever in placing a butcher into the White House.

And we have no one to blame but ourselves. There are less than a dozen Bishops who have stated that they will rightly deny Holy Communion to pro-abortion "Catholic" politicians. But we have over 300 member bishops in the USCCB?

We have Catholics with no real idea of what it means to be Catholic, and our gutless "leaders" are the ones who put us in this predicament. Am I the only one who sees something desperately wrong here? But I shouldn't be surprised, Christ sent His Holy Mother to warn us that this would happen.

Our Lady of Akita, Ora Pro Nobis.

*refer to 1783-1789 of the CCC. Especially 1789; "one may never do evil so that good may result from it"


Blogger Former Altar Boy said...

The secular modernists have also been busy in the public school system where moral relativism has also been rampant for about 40 years. (Unfortuantely, the decline in religious vocations following Vat2 = less religious Sisters = more higher-paid lay teachers = higher tuition = less Catholic school enrollment = more Catholic schools closing = more Catholic kids going to public school + the lack of any real catechesis since Vat2 = many Catholic kids as morally lax as their non-Catholic counterparts.) Last week on his radio show, Dennis Prager was telling about a study showing the school kids have been so indoctrinated with "feelings" instead of "truth" as their moral compass, no one thinks anything is wrong. If it makes me/you/him/her feel good, it is OK.

12:49 AM  
Blogger Patrick said...

I suspect that the survey is heavily skewed by people who call themselves Catholic but do not practice the faith.

If you polled those who actually go to Mass weekly, Giuliani support would probably drop a lot. It would still be disturbingly high, though.

7:22 AM  
Blogger bilbannon said...

The spirit of Vatican II and modernism get blamed for too much and both are not people. How about changing our papacy from being a lifestyle of authorship, speeches,travel..not to mention summer residence in Castel Gandalfo and Prada loafers (while urging the rich nations to write off third world debt)....change from all that to the papacy being a seat not of authorship and exhortations but of action and of disciplining of dioceses and of parishes like the San Francisco one that is helping the gay parade.
Why doesn't Benedict know about the San Francisco parish by now and close it down? Parishes are constantly getting closed down to to light attendance. Heck...why didn't any Pope know about the sex abuse farce of 5 decades and do something of an emergency nature about it. John Paul and the then Ratzinger were praised in the last 20 years for being strict on whom???.... merely a handful of heretical writers while our catholic magazines and the Jerome biblical commentary had the subtle level of heresy that Rahner noted in one of his essays. Yeah...I know...Rahner was heretical. Then why wasn't he poped? And poped by a Pope we note as great? How did he miss what net Catholics discerned without actually reading Rahner? Heck US Catholic magazine constantly had and has heretical ideas while the Pope is writing about the historical Jesus. Enough with the books and authorship....Christopher Hitchens is 5 places above the Pope in today's NY Times bestsellers list anyway. How about...STOP WRITING...and start poping.... closing down Holy Redeemer from Rome. I want writers to write and Popes to pope and artists to draw rather than dribble paint. Am I asking too much?

9:42 AM  
Blogger Dad29 said...

Probably has something to do with this:

10:48 AM  
Blogger Popo Gamgee said...

It's more evidence that spiritual life without the True Mass and valid sacraments leads to spiritual starvation.

10:16 PM  
Blogger 4HisChurch said...

Modernism is a HUGE threat that, I think, many do not even recognize. Every resource needs to go towards eradicating this scourge on the Church.

9:29 AM  
Blogger Arkanabar T'verrick Ilarsadin said...

The nature of Church bureaucracy makes it very difficult to remove a parish priest. It's easier to dig out a chigger. And subsidiarity encourages a hands-off attitude.

3:53 AM  

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