Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Following 'Moment Of Clarity' Was Brought To You By Dymphna
And a wonderful 'Moment of Clarity' it is!

In the current "Mahoney and Brown break vow to fingerprint volunteers" argument, Dympha bestows upon us the following common sense observation;

There is a lovely woman in Virginia who's been teaching CCD in her parish for 30 years. When she was asked to get a background check and be fingerprinted she flatly refused and pointed out that it wasn't little old grannnies who were doing the molestation it was Fr. Been-dating-guys-since-the-seminary-and-everybody-knew-it-but-the-parishoners.

I hate the whole fingerprinting phenomenon. Mahoney made a big public deal out of how this would keep the kids safe, but becaue illegals trump the kids, he's backing out.

Thank you, Dymphna, for that much needed moment of clarity.


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