Saturday, March 25, 2006

Freed Hostages To British Military ~ Screw You
Don't bite the hand that freed ya

Remember a couple of days ago the story of those idiots who call themselves the "Christian Peacekeeping Team"? You know the story I'm talking about... the one where these American, Canadian and British self-anointed do-gooders go to Iraq (in the guise of "Christians") to suck up to terrorists and scream about how horrible The West is. I guess molly-coddling terrorists passes for evangelization nowadays. Silly me.

Anyhow, four of these dip-shits went and got themselves kidnapped by the very same repressed individuals that the CPT professes to have such a deep and abiding love for. Even one of their own was tortured and then had his brains blown out. Sheesh, if this is how the terrorist treat their friends, I would hate to see how they treat their enemies. Oh, wait... these numbskulls call themselves "Christian". That's all the reasoning the terrs need to kill them.

Anyhow, General Sir Mike Jackson, the head of the British Army, expressed the unhappiness of the military last night when he said that he was “saddened that there doesn’t seem to have been a note of gratitude for the soldiers who risked their lives to save those lives”.

Hey Mikey, don't you get it? These CPT ass-holes would have much rather if your boys would have all been killed. In fact, I'd wager that they would have cheered if some (if not all) of the rescuers would have been killed in the rescue attempt, proper.

Here are some interesting stats from what the Brits did to free these ingrate pukes;


The hunt for Norman Kember and his fellow hostages involved:

250 men from the Task Force Black US/British/Australian counter-kidnap unit

100 men from Task Force Maroon, the Paras and Royal Marines backing special forces

15 men in helicopter crews

AND tens of thousands of (British) pounds spent on helicopter and transport aircraft flights

and not even a simple "Thank You".

And what is even more galling, this from November, 2005. The CPT officially stated the following; “CPT does not advocate the use of violent force to save lives of its workers should they be kidnapped, held hostage, or caught in the middle of a conflict situation.”

Best bet, let these friggin' morons have their way. They can end up either being found in a back alley in Baghdad found tortured to death, or they can make the 11 o'clock airing of the local news on al-Jazeera being seen in a rather grainy video having their collective heads carved off.

What was that old saying about "dancing with the devil"?


I've just found out that there has finally been a very belated "thank you" to the rescuers;

"We are grateful to the soldiers who risked their lives to free Jim, Norman and Harmeet. As peacemakers who hold firm to our commitment to non-violence, we are also deeply grateful that they fired no shots to free our colleagues"

The irony was not lost on them or on those involved in the rescue. The military they opposed had saved them.


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