Friday, March 31, 2006

Breaking News From Rome
Get ready for the REAL 'Springtime of The Church'

Deo Gratias!

It's being reported that the Traditional Latin Mass will soon be available (possibly as soon as next month) for any and all priests of the Latin Rite, without any of the "bishops approval" nonsense.

As Former Altar Boy The Great pointed out just two posts prior to this one, there are waiting lists for the seminaries that are Traditional Latin Mass only.

Hmmm... could it be that it's only a matter of time before certain diocese start opening parishes instead of closing them?


Anonymous Michael said...

I'm a little confused. The news story mentions the Pius V missal, "which the Catholic Church used until 1962 before it was replaced by the new ordinary following the liturgical reforms of Vatican II"

Until 1962? My missal, which I got from Angelus Press, is a 1962 missal, which, unless I'm mistaken, is the Order of Mass used by not only the SSPX but the ICK and FSSP.

Weren't there some minor changes made in the 1962 missal that sets it apart from earlier ones? Surely the news article meant to say the 1969 Pauline missal?

1:22 PM  
Blogger Dad29 said...

Don't bet too much money on THAT "report..."

3:38 PM  
Blogger prevat2 said...

Negative Michael--
The Pauline Missal of 1969 is the current mess we have today (slightly changed in 1975, and then in 2000). The Missal of Pius V, following the great "Council of Trent" had a change in Holy Week in 1956 by Pius XII, and then by John XXIII in 1962 when he added the name "St. Joseph" to the Roman Canon.

Keep in mind that although the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) is often called the "Tridentine Mass" or the "Mass of Pius V," it actually can be traced back as far as the 5th and 6th centuries under St. Gregory the Great.

The FSSP & the SSPX both use the 1962 Missal. In fact, Angelus Press is owned by the SSPX. I purchased their 1962 Missal a few months ago and was very pleased!

Hope this helps.
Semper Fi-

10:30 PM  
Blogger Former Altar Boy said...

CSM and dad29,
May it be so. One of my prayers will have been answered.

12:32 AM  

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