Thursday, March 30, 2006

Are You Loyal To The Red White And Green?
If so, move there

The recent anti-immigration law protests lately really piss me off. Here we have hundreds of thousands who, at a minimum, are in favor of rewarding lawbreakers. Or those who, at a maximum, have a greater (if not an absolute) loyalty to a nation other than The United States of America.

Should we be proud of our ethnic origins? Absolutely. But if my loyalty should ever belong to a nation other than ours, then it's time to vote with my feet and don't let the door hit my ass on the way out.

By the way, I recall a story from the late 1970's about a young man who was one of the Iranian Hostages. A certain Sgt. William Gallegos, USMC. I remember that he scrawled something on his cell wall in Spanish. Some of the Iranian captors thought he had written something revolutionary (a la Che Guevara). Young Sgt. Gallegos most certainly did write something revolutionary on his cell wall... Viva Rojo Blanco Y Azul.

By the way, before I'm labeled a racist, my grandfather on my mothers side was Antonio Diaz Perez, and my grandmother was Estella Pangelinan Perez.

'Nuff said.


Blogger DigiHairshirt said...

Hey, Caveman, try being here at Ground Zero (Santa Ana, California). It IS disturbing - I remember finding a notebook my Polish grandfather kept in his workshop, and even as an old man, he would copy sentences again and again to improve his English - you can imagine how proud and poignant it was to see, "My name is Michael Koretzky. I am an American citizen" written numerous times across a page.

I have no problem with LEGAL immigrants. I can tell you that many Mexican-Americans in my area who are citizens or are carrying green cards DO have problems with ILLEGAL immigrants. Google "Lupe Moreno" - she is running locally for state senator. Viva Lupe! I have met her and she is a lovely woman, out to show that you can be rpoud of your cultural roots, but first and foremost we are Americans.

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