Thursday, March 30, 2006

What Comes Around, Goes Around
You wouldn't want to make Baby Jesus cry, would you?

This is legit. A brother Catholic is (as we use to say in The Corps) in the Hurt Locker. He's fallen on some hard times, and but for the Grace of God... I haven't yet. If and when I ever become a resident of said Hurt Locker, I'd like to think that folks might help me out as well.

Click here for the straight scoop.

Don't make any of the Cavemen or any of our fellow Blog-Lodytes come to your house and bonk you on the head with our clubs because your freakin' tightwad!!

All joking aside... It's the right thing to do. And besides, God will smile on you.


Blogger Dave said...

He's remembered on the Prayer Network...

9:09 AM  

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