Friday, March 31, 2006

Scholarships for Latin Mass Priests
Priests seek greater reverence

The Latin Mass Society has launched a training fund to provide training days in England and Wales for priests who wish to learn the Latin and rubrics of the Traditional Latin Mass. It will also provide funds for priests to stay in the European seminaries of the Traditional priestly orders such as the Institute of Christ the King, Sovereign Priest where they can experience the Traditional ethos and receive spiritual and practical advice from Traditional priests.

The two main Traditional priestly orders are the Institute of Christ the King and the [Priestly] Fraternity of St Peter. Their seminaries only provide training in the Traditional rite and they have long waiting lists of young men wishing to serve the Church as Traditional priests.

Julian Chadwick, Chairman of the Latin Mass Society, said: "There is growing interest, particularly among younger priests, in the Traditional rite and the LMS has received many requests for help from priests eager to find out more about this rite. The feeling is growing that a sea change has begun in the Church and priests are searching for greater reverence and spiritual depth in the celebration of Mass."

Re-read the bold text and tell me what more needs to be said.

Cave visitors will also have their hopes raised by reading an interview with Fr. Gabet and Msgr. Schmitz from the aforementioned Latin Mass orders about how the Latin liturgical tradition is leading the faithful to holiness.


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