Saturday, February 11, 2006

First, Cartoons. Now... WHAT!!??
You just can't make this stuff up

In the dark opening days of World War II, literally millions of American boys of German, Italian and Japanese ancestry answered their nations call to arms. The German and Italian boys had filthy stereotypes to overcome, and the Japanese boys had outright racism to overcome. And overcome it they all did. No bitching... no whining. They just fought for our country in a time of peril. Period.

Let's fast forward to the the dark opening days of the 9-11 attacks. Throngs of American boys of Arab ancestry have answered their nations call to arms. Wait... no they didn't. But all that is a different post for a different day. I'm just venting right now.

What really has me scratching my head is the latest moslem protest that may turn into a riot that may spread like wildfire through the entire moslem world. What is it that has the moslems wanting to cut my head off THIS TIME??

Kentucky Fried Chicken. That's right, KFC. You know... The Colonel, the dude in the white coat?

Here's a small example of the chants at the latest "I Hate America" bitch-fest;

Following are excerpts from a demonstration opposite a KFC restaurant in Damascus, aired on Al-Jazeera TV on January 28, 2006.
Crowd: This generation and the next are against America and Israel.

Oh, Arab, wherever you are - destroy the army of the Americans.

George Bush, listen, listen - the Arab people will not kneel down.

Beware, oh America - this darkness will not last for ever...

Neither Kentucky nor the dollar will enter the land of Syria.

click here for the transcript or click here for video #1028

Sheesh, OK moslems... what are you REALLY pissed off about? Too much conflict when it comes to choosing three sides? Or is it that a question between original or crispy recipe is somehow a violation of that fairey tale book you call the koran, or that it somehow offends mohammed the murderer?

Ummm.... could it really be that your gutter, bastardized "Religion of Peace" is in reality, anything but? I am starting to believe that a "Moderate Moslem" is like Bigfoot. We've all heard of it, but none of us have ever really seen one.

First, cartoons. Now, KFC. Hey sports fans... are ya starting to get the feeling that this REALLY IS a war of survival between islam and Christendom?


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