Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Feast of SAINT Valentine
It’s a Catholic Saint’s Day

I don’t care what Hallmark says or how much the secular world tries to deny it, February 14th is Saint Valentine’s Day. Thinking they won this one, the same people are the ones trying to take Christ out of Christmas.

Can you imagine wishing someone a “Happy Patrick’s Day” on March 17th? It probably only because the Irish are the sons and daughters of a warrior nation (and two-fisted drinkers, besides) that has prevented the secularists from moving on Saint Paddy’s feast. At least so far.

So when you send or exchange commercial greeting cards this year, you may want to adopt the growing practice of inserting the word “Saint” or, simply, “St.” in front of “Valentine’s” on each one.


Blogger Sean said...

Or, better yet, voting with your money by not buying the secular cards and opting to print off your own St. Valentine's Day cards.

10:22 AM  
Blogger Fidei Defensor said...

Yah they still haven't gotten to St. Patrick's day yet. Though I do recall an article in the school paper about students from here studying abroad in Ireland being complelty shocked that it was a RELIGIOUS holiday and everyone went to church.

I recall in the book "Brave New World," the godless, genetically created, elites were celebrating "Ash Wednesday," though only one character in the book was Christian (and he was refered to as a savage.) Destroying our holiday's is very high on the Culture of Death's agenda.

5:50 PM  
Anonymous Pete said...

Don't be so sure about St Patrick's Day: here in Ireland it's often referred to as "Paddy's Day". It can be an affectionate term, maybe, but it's undoubtedly used by those who want to avoid any reference to religion in their lives. Which reminds me: St Stephen's Green, a large park in Dublin, is rarely called that anymore. There is both a "Stephen's Green Shopping Centre" and a "Stephen's Green Hotel" beside it which drop the "St".

9:41 AM  

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