Friday, February 10, 2006

Brokeback Oscars
Social engineering at its best

Yeah, yeah... it's almost Oscar time. And in all likelihood, more people will tune into the CMT documentary of the lost art of Country/Western yodeling than will actually watch the Oscars in their entirety.

But just a thought or two on the shoe-in for "Best Film Ever Made, Period" category, Brokeback Mountain.

1. Someone wiser than I pointed out that this flick isn't really so much a pro-homosexual film as it is an anti-marriage film. Two men abandon their wives and children to pursue sexual gratification with someone other than their wedded spouse. And these two men are, at a minimum, treated sympathetically. Or at a maximum, as heroes.

2. Brokeback Mountain is up for:
a. Performance by an actor in a leading role
b. Performance by an actor in a supporting role
c. Performance by an actress in a supporting role
d. Achievement in cinematography
e. Achievement in directing
f. Achievement in music written for motion pictures (Original score)
g. Best motion picture of the year
h. Adapted screenplay

3. The Chronicles of Narina is up for:
a. Achievement in makeup
b. Achievement in sound mixing
c. Achievement in visual effects

4. Oh, by the way, Brokeback Mountain has grossed $60,102,890. Narnia has grossed $281,934,379. Both films have been out for nine weeks.

5. Does anyone SERIOUSLY think that Brokeback Mountain would get 1/10 the buzz it's receiving if it were about a man and a woman who ran off together?


Blogger Dave said...

Two points on the film (which I'll never see):

1) They're not cowboys. They're shepherds.

2) I've never understood: with all those sheep around, why do they need each other?

11:35 AM  

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