Saturday, January 28, 2006

Your Average Black = Homosexuals + Rich + Mostly White
And other twisted logic

Harsh language alert!!

The fertilizer has collided with the oscillating cooling device in a BIG way in Maryland.

In the short time since a Baltimore circuit court declared the state's ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional, black Democrats in the General Assembly have reached consensus only on one thing: They don't want the matter put to a vote.

State Senator Gwendolyn T. Britt, a Democrats from Prince George's County, said she answers to the echoes of the civil rights era and supports gay men and lesbians because she knows "how to walk a mile in someone else's shoes". And Sen. Britt isn't the only one who has equated being Black with being homosexual. Hell, Sen. Britt was downright soft-core about it compared to many others.

But nonetheless, hold on... back the truck up. What the hell does being a Black have to be with acts that are intrinsically evil? Since when does being of African ancestry equate to some dude sloshing his penis around in some other dude's feces filled colon? This is pure Bull Shit. What an absolute insult to Blacks.

It's NORMAL to be born Negroid. It's NORMAL to be born Caucasoid. It's NORMAL to be born Mongoloid. It's ABNORMAL to insert fold "A" into fold "B". Sheesh... let's divorce ourselves from religion just for one sec so I can placate the PC Gestapo who invariably will scream that I'm only using the "Bible defense". Physiologically, homosexuality simply doesn't fit into the natural order.

If someone needs a broken bone set, don't offer them an enema. Don't tell me an enema is a splint. If someone needed a heart transplant, don't offer them a liver. Don't tell me a liver is a heart. Don't tell me that homosexuality equates to ethnicity.

If someone told me that homosexuality equated in anyway, shape or form to someone of Irish, German, Spanish, Chammoro, Italian, English, Japanese bloodlines... we'd be scrappin'.

I Gar-ahn-tee.


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