Friday, January 27, 2006

...Just Like How The Greek Orthodox Are HQ'd In A Moslem Country
The same is happening to The Roman Church

I've said for years that the future of the Western Church lies in South America, Africa and Asia. Unless things change, and damn quick, those of us in Western Europe and North America will simply be awash in our own spiritual filth. Geographically, morally and spiritually, the Vatican will be just a very small fish in a very large ocean of Modernism, Relativism, Hedonism and sexual anarchy of such magnitude that even Caligula would blush and avert his eyes.

Most Western clerics will just bury their collective heads in the sand (while simultaneously having their thumbs up their collective arses) and regale us with insipid, do-nothing, feel good slogans the likes of Springtime for the Church, The Spirit of Vatican II, Peace and Social Justice, Ecumenical Gatherings, etc, etc, ad neauseum.

Even individuals like the darling of the Conservative Novus Ordo folks, Archbishop Chaput of Denver will comment on the results of the Second Vatican Council being "mixed" to date. Huh? What he say? "Mixed"... MIXED!!?? With all due respect, has His Excellency been smoking dope?

Ummm, Your Excellency, the results of the Second Vatican Council have been an absolute DISASTER! But I digress....

To help further illustrate my point, here are some quotes from certain Catholic bishops concerning the question of abortion;

“Abortion - the deliberate termination of a pregnancy at any stage of its development - is always an objective evil”.

“No legislation can change it into something good. This is the law of God, which anyone can find enshrined in the natural law…Abortion is an objective evil and our legislation must never seek to legitimize it.”

“Abortion is always a defeat of humanity: the elaborate, mixed and confused semantics under which it is increasingly disguised… will never hide the fact that it is a willful homicide of the most defenseless form of life. In the history of humanity never has such objective evil been presented and approved as a right. This is the fundamental truth that no mixed and deceitful semantics can hide.”

The bishops spoke out against manipulative language used by abortion advocates to present abortion as something other than the deliberate killing of a baby.

WOW!!! Who are these guys!!?? Have the likes of Cardinals Mahoney and McCarrick suddenly grown backbones? Has the USCCB discovered what it means to defend official Church Teaching? Does America magically have REAL Catholic bishops!

No such luck. The above quotes are from a recent meeting of Ugandan Bishops. And may God bless 'em, ever one.

Any chance we can swap the vast majority of the USCCB for just a few men the caliber of the Chairman of the Ugandan Catholic Bishops’ Conference, Archbishop Paul Bakyenga?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Non Sum Dignus,
Thank you for that post. Without your blog, we'd miss out on great comments like this one from Uganda, where obviously the bishops still have the gonads to defend the Faith!

7:13 PM  
Anonymous Franklin Jennings said...

Thats not all the good news from Uganda. Traces, the magazine put out by Communion and Liberation*, has an article this month concerning Ugandan catholics who, in appreciation for all the help they have gotten from their American brothers, raised what they could from their meager means to send to Hurricane Katrina victims. Such selflessness is enough to ALMOST tempt me to emigrate.

8:17 PM  
Anonymous Franklin Jennings said...

I meant to add...

*Despite the name, CL is NOT in any way shape form or fashion affiliated with Liberation theology. It is an ecclesial movement for the education of adult catholics, founded by Mnsr. Luigi Giussani, or Don Giuss as we call him. The pope's housekeepers are Memores Domini (consecrated lay women of the movement) and, we were recently told by Mnsr. Albacete, the Holy Father has School of the Community (our small weekly discussion meetings) with his household staff.

8:20 PM  

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