Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What's Your Mafia Hitman Name?
You talkin' to ME??!!

Another fun-filled quiz by The Caveman

Remember, when you say your Hitman name for the first time, you MUST throw your shoulders forward, curl your lip, and say it with an Italian accent, capice?

You scored as The Hitman Formerly Known As... (Insert Real Name Here).

Dude, you need to shut the hell up. With any luck, someone will teach you the meaning of the word "discreet" before you get picked up by The Feds.

The Hitman Formerly Known As... - 69%
Cotto - 63%
Summertime - 56%
The Nun - 50%
Mezzofinook - 31%

What's Your Mafia Hitman Name?
created with QuizFarm.com

Want to cheat and see what the other definitions are? Just scroll down

Cotto. Like the salami. No explaination necessary.

Summertime. You have a thing about sharp objects and dismenberment. When "Da Boss" asks you where you put those whom you have whacked, you simply say "summer here... summer there".

The Nun. Don't let the name fool you. You're a certified bad-ass. "The Nun" is a play on words. It illustrates how much mercy you show your victims... none.

Mezzofinook. Can you blame us for calling you that? Your slim and trim, dress like a model, enjoy being out with the boys, and you're clean as hell to boot!


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