Saturday, January 21, 2006

What Good Is Oil If We Glow In The Dark?
Love, hate or indifferent. Just take them seriously

The Iranians have been talking a lot of smack as of late. It might be a good idea to remind them that the Israelis have 3 subs and they are in the process of getting 2 more, if they haven't done so already.

Oh... they all have cruise missiles with nuclear warheads.

Last I read, the Israelis only keep one sub in port at any given time. That's a LOT of nuclear missiles under the Indian Ocean. And I haven't even brought up the Israeli Air Force.

Well... in case the Iranian Prez is reading my blog, let me just tell ya. Dude... don't be a dumb ass. No amount of sabre rattling will keep Isreal from nuking the dog snot outta you. But if you want to glow in the dark for the next zillion years... that's your call.


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