Saturday, January 28, 2006

Straight From The Jarhead's Mouth
straight scoop... what a nice change of pace

I stumbled and fumbled my way onto an absolutely first rate blog; One Marine's View.

Here's an example of what you can find on young Captain B's wordsmithing prowess;

Modern day warriors. So we aren’t beating the crap out of criminals or fighting lions on Saturday afternoons in coliseums and eating chicken drumsticks in the streets (ok Im not sure about that last one) but today’s warriors are as tuff and have the same fight in them as the old Roman tuff guys did. Covered with armor, multiple weapons hanging on them and traveling in packs, today’s Marines bring victory in multiple size cans of whoop ass and flexibility to respond anywhere in the world. Tuff, young full of tenacity and spirit, we defend a country and help the little guy all in the same set of armor. We wear the white hat and do what’s right even when its not popular. Selfless sacrifice, it isn’t uncommon to hear of Marines giving their all to aide others and paying the ultimate price in doing it.


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