Friday, December 23, 2005

You Can Always Tell....
Just read their publications

Remember when I asked when you can tell if things aren't going well for Roman Protestants? The same answer applies to sodomites, just read their publications. Over at, they're in an absolute foot stomping, breath holding, "I've got the vapors!", full blown force five TIZZY concerning the newly appointed Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Pietro Sambi.

Things like this have the Rump Rangers panties in a knot;
"he (Archbishop Sambi) participated in a coordinated effort by Jewish, Christian and Muslim clerics in Jerusalem to oppose an international Gay Pride event, WorldPride, scheduled to take place in the city". Oh, for shame!!!

Cagney & Lacy aficionado Sharon Kleinbaum, who is the North American co-chairthing of undetermined gender for WorldPride, said it "affirms the church hierarchy's willingness to target our community for persecution and derision within the Catholic Church and align itself with other anti-gay religious extremists." Huh? did she say "persecution"? What persecution? Oh... silly me. Any male with a still functioning rectal sphincter muscle can't be admitted to the seminary. Oh, THAT persecution! As Dr. Evil says; riiiiiiiiight.

And in true Butt Pirate fashion, the article ended with the Sons of Sodom deviating (imagine that) and coming out of nowhere and launching an attack on the Bush Administration;

"I hope that Sambi will delve into the Catholic Church's rich tradition of social justice teaching to challenge the Bush administration's policies of conducting an unjust and illegitimate war in Iraq, and the policies of disregarding human and civil rights here and abroad"

Hmmm.... why can't they be like the rest of us normal guys and like Bush? (I'm SOOOOOOO bad!)


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