Thursday, December 22, 2005

NOBODY Expects The Caveman Inquisition!
'Cuz the Inquisition's here and it's here to stay!

Quicker than you could say "smoke of satan", those whacky and wild, cauldron friendly nuns up at the Stella Maris Retreat and Renewal Center in Skaneateles, NY are still doing their level best to pass off New Age witchcraft as Catholicism click here. Sorry "sister", no matter how much lipstick you put on that pig, witchcraft is witchcraft... period.

But here's a wee bit to give you and idea of what Sister Broomhilda and the rest of the coven are up to:

Enneagram Workshop: Introduction to the Enneagram
This workshop will introduce participants to the basics of the Enneagram, a journey of self-discovery. Knowledge of the Enneagram will result in a new self-understanding and brings us to a greater personal healing and freedom under the direction of the Spirit.
Offering $30 includes all materials

Ohhhh, all materials? Does that include one of those cool wands? How about those dopey round John Lennon glasses? Does all this take place in the Land of Dumbleshit?

But all joking aside, what exactly are Enneagrams? Here are some excerpt from Our Lady's Warriors

The Enneagram is a circular diagram on which personality types numbered one through nine are symbolically represented at nine equidistant points on the circumference. The numbers are then connected by arrows in significant patterns which point the way to health ("integration") or to neurosis ("disintegration"). Each human personality is said to fall into one of these nine types. This number is said to reveal the hidden motivation for everything a person does. Intelligence is given three centers: thought, emotion, and instinct, which are always imbalanced. The result of this imbalance is that a person's "true self" is always hidden beneath a "false self". The Enneagram is supposed to enable a person to gain knowledge of his true self, exposing the true motivations for actions and illusions developed regarding himself and regarding how to deal with the world.

Msgr. Smith says:
"Each of the nine personality types (numbered 1 through 9) is described negatively by some compulsion, fixation, or basic driving force to avoid something unpleasant. This compulsion is seen as one's basic psychological orientation. To discover your number, you have to realize what you seek to avoid, what your compulsion is."

The origin of the Enneagram certainly does not come from Catholic sources. Besides its occult roots, the Enneagram is built upon pagan beliefs. Therefore, like horoscopes, the Enneagram is absolutely incompatible with the Catholic Faith.

Father Pacwa says:
"I have two criticisms [of Enneagram]. First, it's theological nonsense, suffused with Gnostic ideas. For instance, the nine points of the Enneagram are called the "nine faces of God," which become nine demons turned upside down. No one should speak that way. . . . And the way the Enneagram is taught is Pelagian --
self-salvation through a man-made technique, not by God's grace."

Just one silly question... I see clerics and religious actively engaged in witchcraft, the whole time with the approval of bishops. With that said, what exactly was it that Archbishop Lefevbre was "excommunicated" for again?


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