Wednesday, December 21, 2005

When We Finish Napalming Everything Jesuit...
We can take out National "Catholic"(?) Reporter

You know how you can tell when things aren't exactly going well for Roman Protestants? Read their publications. Take a gander at the latest gyno-tantrum from NCR. Turns out the theological castrati and chicks with Bics that run the editorial department over at Martin Luther Publications are somewhat miffed that (their words) "Extremists are driving The Church's agenda".

Wow! Extremists? Good golly, Miss Molly... just what exactly are these Latter Day Torquemadas up to? What kind of reactionary Right-Wing hate speech are they forcing upon us all? TELL ME!! Inquisitioning minds want to know!

Well, if you must know... here's a lil' slice of Real Catholicism from the REAL Catholics over at NCR;
In the most recent controversy, criticism was raised of the decision of Catholic Charities to honor Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino, a Catholic, because as a politician he has supported gay rights and the right of women to choose abortion. The critics also slammed Catholic Charities for allowing 13 children to be adopted by gay or lesbian couples during the past 20 years.

The forecast at NCR ~ Record breaking hissies being pitched followed by intermittent stomping of feet and holding of breath. But Doppler radar forcasts this will soon die out due to no real inner strength and a lack of substance.

By the way, I hate Latter Day Torquemadas. Know why? You just can't Torquemada anything.


Anonymous Franklin Jennings said...

"...Torquemada anything!!!"

Why just this week me and the boys were singing both "The Inquisition" and "Springtime for Hitler" while we mucked out the runs.

4:35 PM  
Blogger Dad29 said...

The H+)* you can't!!

Although I cannot put my fingers on it, there's a Club Theme Song: (Torquemada's Band) and a very active Tomas Torquemada Gentlemen's Club on FreeRepublic.

We have a ladies' auxiliary, too.

And a list of who's naughty, several hundred cords of wood, plus genuine re-engineered/re-manufactured instruments, updated to include hydraulic and electric/electronic controls and devices.

In addition, we are about to sponsor a Cause for Beatification of the dear departed (should-be) St. Tomas.

11:38 AM  

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