Sunday, July 15, 2007

I'm Not The Only One Who Sees The Melt-Down
Where's all that "obedience to the pope" talk I hear from the liberals?

As Benny16SurfRider pointed out to me today, Father Zuhlsdorf over at What Does The Prayer Really Say? also has a running series of posts concerning official responses to the Motu Proprio.

I gotta say this, yet again.... those in the past who screamed "obey the pope!" when it came to their rabid attacks on the SSPX, also happen to be the same ones who are one inch away from being totally out of control concerning the Motu Proprio.

While I'm at it... why is it that the liberals consistently refer to the both heretical and schismatic Protestants as "our seperated bretheren" are the same ones who sneer down their collective noses at the SSPX as if they're no more than scum?


Blogger Alexander said...

“Separated brethren” is lovely dovey Vatican II talk. Sure, lets call them brethren.. but yet separated.. so what does that mean? They’re not apart of the Body of Christ because they are separated.. yet they’re my brother...??? Makes as much sense as reading Rahner or UR itself.

6:20 PM  

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