Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The United Nations In Your Pockets
Nancy Pelosi in your nightmares

WARNING! Harsh Language Alert.

A truly disconcerting article from CNS News. Here's some of it; (Emphasis mine) Pelosi Endorses ‘Global’ Tax on Stocks, Bonds, and other Financial Transactions

(CNSNews.com) – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) endorsed the idea of a “global” tax on stock trades and other financial transactions, saying the estimated $150 billion in annual revenue from such a tax could be used to help fund more stimulus spending.

At her weekly press briefing on Thursday, Pelosi said the financial transactions tax (HR4191) currently before Congress would have to be made “global” to keep U.S. investors from taking their business overseas and out of taxable reach.

I've got a novel idea... how about making the United States of America more attractive to companies so they want to open shop here in The States, instead of hauling ass to some 3d World dung heap that doesn't tax and regulate the living shit out of them?

Just a thought.


Blogger Al said...

This from a woman who mistreats the employees at the business they owned. Also given that most of their wealth is in stock & investments, will she be including an exemption (loophole0 for herself?

This is another example of socialistic redistribute the wealth driven policy.

8:32 AM  
Blogger JLS said...

How do I send you a totally excellent pictorial related to Pelosi?

11:58 AM  
Blogger Adeodatus49 said...

Socialist? Hell, she's a commie . . . and a blithering idiot.

1:40 PM  
Blogger VSO said...

When is this blithering idiot commie cake-eater and her ilk going to realize that you can't spend your way out of debt?!

3:08 PM  
Blogger TCN said...

Gosh, Nan, I'll just bet those Taliban are not paying their fair share either, so let's go make 'em, shall we?


11:19 PM  
Blogger JLS said...

Ok, no takers. The reason I asked was because there is a post going around called something about what cosmetics can do.

First two pictures show before and after of girls with and without makeup. Everyone can imagine the difference.

The third shows the before and after also; the after is Pelosi and the before is a horse from the tail end.

2:30 AM  
Blogger Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

Could you post the web addy?

5:29 AM  
Blogger JLS said...

It came in an email pic with no web addy. It is called

"The Power of Cosmetics".

I'll contact the sender and see if he can locate the source.

It is a side splitter.

10:33 PM  
Blogger Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

YES! I saw that about a year or so back. Amazing, wasn't it?

5:17 AM  
Blogger JLS said...

Absolutely, Vir!!! Better late than never, but I couldn't come up with the web addy.

I think I'm going to think about coming up with some Latin words to fit my moniker ... will take me a while, no doubt.

10:00 PM  

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