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Divorce: The "First" Alternative Lifestyle

Well you may be wondering where this is going, but maybe you will be surprised. One of the things that really gets to me is all of the marketing and catering that that the free market does to the homosexual and lesbian lifestyle. We could go on and on about the many misconstrued and misguided values that come out of that practice. Not the least of which is the acceptance by society of same-sex partners being allowed to raise children.

But before the current "alternative" lifestyle became all the rage there was another one that was of course very much taboo like its contemporary and even more viral to society. What was it...divorce of course!

30-40 years ago divorce was as much a no-no as Mr. Johnson and Mr. Johnson fiddling with each other's ...well....I digress. First a couple people got divorced, then women started pushing to wear the pants, men sought refuge in other women's arms, and the children were left out in the cold. Then one day the APA (Ameican Pychological Assoc) came along and said, divorce is better for the children who are traumatized by seeing their parents fight. Divorce stats went through the roof. Society just decided it was a lot easier to split up and try again, no matter the destruction left behind. Then cottage industries that are large parts of the economy today came into existence like; divorce lawyers, family lawyers, day care centers, government programs out the wazoo..on and on. Husbands and wives just quit being sacrificial, which is ironic since most of the kids in that generation were raised by the WWII parents, a very sacrificial bunch.

Many companies out there now have been marketing to this class of folks for so long now that they have well developed product lines and services. This is very much like what is going on in the same-sex/LGBT lifestyle. Companies are seeing their debauchery and lifestyle choices as a profit point. We would not be here though if the test case of Divorce did not first show our free market that there is money to be made in the collapsing of society. However they may find out in the end that the money was short lived because we all know that economies and societies are at their strongest when two parent families, one father and one mother are promoted, nurtured, and celebrated.

As a happily married man, I often think of all the decisions that one must have to make in order to fail in his vows. If I were to cheat on my wife I am telling my children that I have no respect for their mother, and I am willing to risk disease and financial stability for my family just for a little strange. If I were to end my marriage because I could not get along with my wife anymore I am telling my children that they are not worth me putting any effort into giving them a stable home. Quite possibly also refusing to see my own faults because I am too busy hating my wife's faults. What if my wife cheated on me, surely then I have cause to get rid of her, right? Well again if I am truly sacrificial shouldn't I try to get past that as well. In fact just why in the hell did my wife seek out someone else? Did I drive her away because I was no longer willing to make an effort to please her?

Why is it so very easy to get an annulment from the Catholic Church these days? Boy that would put a damper on things if our Dioceses in the USA decided enough was enough and started evaluating these cases against the backdrop of the spoken vows before God at the wedding. "For better or for worse" anyone.....anyone.....Bueller......Bueller.....

Every time a man divorces he becomes half the man he was before. If he has children and especially boys, they will never become the men they were meant to be without some other strong male influence like a grandfather, priest, coach, teacher. Not to mention that it gives the government the opportunity to swoop in and create a new line of dependants.

Well like I said I cringe all the time when I see companies marketing to the loafer lightened segment of society, but in all reality divorce was the first "alternative" lifestyle.


Blogger Al said...

Excellent Analysis!!!!!

8:22 AM  
Blogger bilbannon said...

Other factors:

Protestantism centuries ago sought to be stricter than the Catholic Church and ended up liberalizing divorce for the entire Western world...much like Mel Gibson seeking to be stricter on liturgy than Rome and ending up in adultery and fornication/ and like Spain being strictest on orthodoxy as to the Inquisition and ended up producing Latin America and thus telemundo tv and Shakira singing in her underwear.

#2: No Fault divorce meant one didn't need a reason during midlife crisis.

#3: The woman in divorce in the US gets the house and children and thus a long term relation with the husband anyway though it is less contact and thus she gets both worlds...relationship but freedom..."ye will know both good and evil" said the snake.

10:42 AM  
Blogger TH2 said...

Brilliant analysis, Simplex Vir. Thank you.

11:42 AM  
Blogger Adeodatus49 said...

Well the Spanish Inquisition wasn't really what the Protestant and Enlightenment anti-Catholic bigots said it was. Let them explain why there were riots in the streets of Spanish cities in the early 1800s when the Government of Spain (yes, the Gov't, not the CC) disbanded the Inquisition courts. They were perhaps the only courts where a litigant could get a fair deal, civilly or criminally.

1:23 PM  
Blogger Adeodatus49 said...

Why is it so very easy to get an annulment from the Catholic Church these days? Boy that would put a damper on things if our Dioceses in the USA decided enough was enough and started evaluating these cases against the backdrop of the spoken vows before God at the wedding. "For better or for worse" anyone.....anyone.....Bueller......Bueller.....

In my view, this is the ultimate sign of corruption in the Catholic clergy and other annulment process "participants" of AmChurch.

At least the Protestant divorce and Orthodox ecclesiastical divorce processes, though objectionable to me, are more honest than the fiction that is called ecclesiastical annulments. What a crock! [other than of course cases of bigamy, unknown homosexuality, and perhaps mental illnesses such as schizophrenia--matters of the external forum]

1:28 PM  
Blogger Hail3N1 said...

Ya know, I never really looked at the "other" lifestyles coming to its fruition by and with the growing numbers of divorces in the world. And it makes all the sense. How can society grow in a healhty environment when the family has broken down? It can't. Ask anyone who came from a broken is hell. Plain and simple. Sadly, so many don't realize its outcome and everything it will have its effects on, especially the children who then know little about family stability, morality, each person's role within the family, and most of all HOW GOD INTENDED IT TO BE. Now we have a very hurtful and sickly society where we don't know right from wrong; the demasculization of men and the defeminization of women. We must fight this EVIL force who hates ALL humanity and Pray for ALL people, especially our families and their conversion. We must constantly reiterate the importance and the role of the state of our souls. Heaven exists..people need to be reminded of does hell..for all on earth, we are only passers-by in this transient and short stay of a temporal abode.

6:02 PM  
Blogger Former Altar Boy said...

I agree with the gist of your post, but you state, "Why is it so very easy to get an annulment from the Catholic Church these days?" What is your authority for this statement?

Do you know this from first hand experience or even second-hand from someone within your own extended family? If so, I might consider you having some basis.

Or, like so many, are you just repeating anecdotal stories or what you've heard or read in the secular media because bigwigs like Ted Kennedy, et al., have been able to get suppposedly easy annulments? If that is the case, then maybe you shouldn't be perpetuating such stories for which you have no intimate knowledge.

I have first-hand experience from a liberal and hardly ultra-orthodox diocese and can truthfully say the process was not easy, nor speedy. It was a long, precise, legal process within the canon laws of the Church.

9:03 PM  
Blogger Simplex Vir said...

FAB, You can call me to task sure. I am not afraid to be questioned. Although I will state this as FACT, I have had many a conversation with a Priest who was heavily involved in the annulment process at my local diocese. He did not give me details but explained the inner workings and some of the "politics" involved in the process. You may have had a tough first hand process. good for your diocese. However I know people wishing for annulments even "shop" for the easier diocese to get thier annulment. There is always someone willing to bend the rules. The fact also is that very few annulments are ever denied.

Regardless of my experience through being educated by a person with direct contact and charge in the process or your first hand knowledge of being part of one, There are entirely too many and the Church contributes to the problem by providing too easy a way out. I would also add that they could do a much better job on the front end too but that is another subject matter.

Sadly I have heard your same comment (the last sentance of your post) from almost everyone I have ever known that has had to get an annulment. Typically these were people who were focused on self and only wanted the thing over with so they could marry the person they had been already shacking up with.

There are just too many granted, hopefully the one you have first hand knowledge about did not involve children and was granted for legitimate purposes.

11:11 PM  
Blogger Adeodatus49 said...

In 1993 or so I read on the Traditio web site (I think the alleged Fr. Morrison who was the moderator is a sedevacantist) that in the U.S. alone approximately 57,000+ ecclesiastical annulments were granted and that this was an approximate annual figure.

In the past 5 years or so I read on another web site (sorry--don't remember the specific one) that U.S. annulments approximated 60,000 annually.

More recently, however (1-2 years) I read that the numbers were in the 40,000 per year range.

The late JP-II once complained about the annulment situation in the U.S. Catholic Church and called it little more than divorce.

The Archdiocese of Santa Fe's marriage tribunal stated in the "People of God," the Archdiocesan newspaper, some time ago that the average time in the process was about one year.

The CC does not publish its annulment rates, e.g., the number of ecclesiastical annulments granted in the first court of incidence per applications submitted, and number granted after the required appeal per the number granted by the first court. Neither do individual dioceses.

FAB is correct about rumors, but I have read (and I also suspect this myself) that the percentage of annulment petitions granted runs in the high 90th percentile. But what the hey! I am an unrepentant cynic.

The detailed investigations underlying the eventual decision of the Marriage Tribunals have the proverbial seal of the confessional. This is understandable, but the statistics on numbers granted per number of applications should not be held "in pecatore" IMHO.

I also opine that the annulment situation in the U.S. is an open scandal.

11:37 PM  
Blogger Hail3N1 said...

All one has to do is LOOK AT THE WORLD WE ARE LIVING IN...What was/is the ROOT of so many divorces? The 60's was the beginning of the "free for all" I call it. "Freedom to kill your unborn child", "freedom" for women to throw away their aprons for "corporate" pant-suits. "Freedom" to dispose of the veils and habits, freedom to live together..why not, everyone's "doing it". This game of deceit has shown its Ugly head for much too long now, and people are now witnessing for themselves that they have been DUPED. They have lived in a "fairyland" of false pretenses and artificial "truth". The game's up! It's not what they thought it would be like..some state of utopia. Nothing but dreams. And Now, we face the realities of it all..and we see, it is Not Good!
This is due to the overwhelming allowance of power given to the Evil one over us. We are being tested and in Desperate need of Prayer.
So, what does the Church do with all the Catholics who have divorced? Who, for one reason or another quit. Gave up either to readily in their marriages or maybe were not ready for marriage, at the time. For whatever reason, all of the above had something to do with these marital breakdowns.
Too many annulments? Of course... And look at all the problems with the's EVERYWHERE! A plague that only GOD will be able to correct and change.

3:18 PM  
Blogger JLS said...

God works individually with those who desire transformation God calls them to. But don't ask me for further instruction, because it is a total struggle. This is why we need holy priests, so that we can enter this struggle and win the crown talked about by St Paul.

9:19 PM  

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