Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Military Morale Dropping Like A Stone?
Noooooooooo.... *Sarcasm Off*

Here's a tad of the article from The American Thinker; (Emphasis mine)
Obama and Plummeting Military Morale

New Army surveys, reports the Wall Street Journal, show that morale has fallen sharply among soldiers fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan and confirm an unusually high suicide in their ranks.

Perhaps this has something to do with doubts about their commander-in-chief's commitment to win this war by standing staunchly with them in spirit and providing the necessary troop levels and other resources. With fatalities and injuries surging among them, the president's prolonged and frazzled indecision on how to wage this struggle must leave these soldiers with a sense of being cast adrift in limbo, if not hell itself. Having first, very belatedly, consulted directly on strategy with the man in charge of the war, General Stanley McChrystal, President Obama then proceeded for months to pore over, appear to accept, throw out, and then start all over examining, various options.

In an act of deep interpersonal significance, as Claudia Rosett observes, the president has not bothered to pay a visit to Afghanistan to bolster morale. Yet, to buck up his foreign policy credentials, he managed to make a campaign stop there while running for president. Once elected, he found time to extend a friendly hand to Muslims in Cairo, lobby for Chicago's Olympics bid, vacation in Martha's Vineyard, and have a "date night" in New York City with his wife. Soon he'll be off to Oslo to accept a Nobel Peace Prize, which he has done nothing yet to deserve, in Afghanistan, at home, or elsewhere in the world.

Rosett urges the president to betake himself without further delay to Afghanistan and deliver "a soaring speech" to our troops, such as to "display for their benefit and the world's, that as commander-in-chief of these men and women who are
risking their lives under his command, he is not AWOL."

If President Obama's lack of leadership and alienation from our troops continue, he may go down in history as America's great demoralizer-in-chief. But, vastly more momentous than his place in history, his failure to lead this nation, and the world, during these hazardous times may well precipitate a series of crises that will plague us for generations.


Blogger Al said...

"he may go down in history as America's great demoralizer-in-chief."

Something tells me that despite everything pointed out in this article Obama ultimately doesn't see that label as ever being a possibility. Because he doesn't give a damn about the military, he is blind to the place that not caring is going to give him in history.

Or to put it another way, he is the Obamessiah. So that makes everything he does right & thus it is impossible for him to be anything less than the greatest president in the history of the universe. & that includes being greater than Washington & Lincoln.

6:30 AM  
Blogger Heather said...

Aww, is poor little Mr. president receiving more scrutiny for voting "present?" Not that he cares...

9:08 AM  
Blogger Paul Nichols said...

I knew you'd have a post on Herr Obama's affect on troop morale. It pisses me off more than anything.

I've done a corresponding cartoon and thought to email it to you to post, but couldn't find an email.

It's on today's post :

12:23 PM  

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