Thursday, September 10, 2009

"All Animals Are Equal, But Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others" ~
George Orwell's anti-Communist novel "Animal Farm"

I read a bit of an interesting sermon from a local parish. I don't know about you, but I get the distinct impression that he is very subtly playing both the race and sex card. But I may be wrong... what do you think? (Comments and emphasis mine)
Here is a little “quiz” that I made in honor of the Silver Rose program that our Knights of Columbus held recently in our parish in honor of respecting human beings. I ask you to thoughtfully consider your answers: Do you believe that:

• the life of a man is equal to the life of a woman; (Of course the life of each is equal, but is there the implication that men and women 'are equal'? Of course we're not. Our genders are complimentary to each other... but not 'equal'. After all, I can't bear a child, and I don't know of any women who can father a child. See what I mean? Compatible, but not 'equal'. And this is nothing new. Catholicism's taught that for 2,000 years.)

• the life of an Iraqi or Mexican is equal to the life of an American; (In light that there are Americans of Iraqi heritage and Americans of Mexican heritage, the statement doesn't make sense. In fact, on my mother's side, family names such as Perez, San Nicholas, Blas, Diaz, etc, are the norm. But we're Americans. I also happen to know of over 20,000 Chaldean Rite (Iraqi) Catholics back home in San Diego. They're all Americans. I sense the Race Card being played here.

• the life of a single person is equal to the life of a married person; (Why is this even brought up? The Church gives very clear instruction/direction as how of these two states of life are to conduct themselves to be pleasing to God. Of course they're equal... but like I said, why is this even brought up?)

• the life of a person with children is equal to the life of a person without children; (This is just personally insulting. My wife and I have buried one son, and she's suffered through more miscarriages than she cares to remember. And we're not unique. I have no idea why this was even brought up. Does anyone else?)

• the life of a prisoner is equal to the life of a fetus; (No... they're not equal. Many in the first category have legally and rightfully been sentenced to death for minor oversights like sexually torturing little girls to death with hunting knives and a pair of vice grips. Every single one in the second category has done nothing "wrong" except to be alive in their mother's womb. Even though The Church may frown upon the Death Penalty, The Church also has stated over and over that it IS a legitimate form of punishment in rare and exceptionally violent cases. By the way, notice he uses the word "fetus"?)

• the life of a soldier is equal to the life of a civilian; (This one just defies explanation. Of course their lives are equal. But I will say this, with the exception of Law Enforcement and Firefighters, not many civilians have the distinct possibility of dying as part of their job description. As a retired Marine, I just can't shake the feeling that this may be a jab at those who are members of The Uniformed Services. But maybe I'm wrong.)

• the life of a brown or black skinned person is equal to the life of a white person; (Race card, pure and simple.)

• the life of an atheist is equal to the life of a Catholic Christian; (Again, of course their equal. We pray for their conversions every moment, no? I don't seem to recall anyone wanting to round up atheists, do you? But if anyone dies knowingly, willingly and intelligently refuting Christ to the very end, well... The Church is very clear what happens to non-Catholics who do NOT die in a state of Invincible Ignorance.)

• the life of a gay or lesbian person is equal to the life of a heterosexual; (Of course their life is equal. What they choose to do with the gift of life that God gave them is 100% their call. And how they face eternity will be up to them as well. That whole "God will not be mocked" thingee. After all, hell exists for a reason. BTW, is it just me, or are there an abnormally large amount of references to those who adhere to the sodomite lifestyle in his sermons? I'd like to think he's preaching against it.)

• the life of a homeless person is equal to the life of a person with a home; (And vice-versa?)

• the life of a poor person is equal to the life of a rich person; (And vice-versa? Being successful for working hard and honestly isn't sinful.)

• the life of an older person is equal to the life of a young person? (Pssst... don't tell that the the British or Canadian Socialist Health Care Systems... or DingleBarry Obama.)

Obviously, the list could go on and on. As Catholic Christians (another ecumaniac code word for "we're all the same", which we're clearly not. 'Catholic-Christians' makes about as much sense as me saying my 'female-daughter' or my 'male-brother'.), our answers should solidly be “Yes!” to each and every question. (MSNBC would be proud.) Did the quiz make you uncomfortable? (To think that simplistic, watered-down Catholicism is being taught... well, yes, that does make me uncomfortable.) Do you believe “deep down” that some people should be treated with greater respect than others? Did you answer “yes” to each question? (Hold on... during the lil' quiz portion, the watch-word was "equal". Now it's changed and become "respect". Bait and switch. I absolutely do not "respect" a child murderer. I absolutely do not "respect" a militant homosexual. And I especially do not respect those who play cutesy word games when it come to the salvation of souls.


Blogger Simplex Vir said...

I was waiting for the question, "Do you think that the life of a TLM'er is equal to a Novus Ordo'er?

Maybe not.

6:28 AM  
Blogger Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

THOSE Fascists!!!???? LOL!

6:48 AM  
Blogger Coffee Catholic said...

What's their angle? This whole list is just plain stupid. I got so bored with it I couldn't make it all the way through. A waste of time for Catholics when there is serious work to be done and souls to be saved!

7:38 AM  
Blogger Joe of St. Thérèse said...

There's a sermon Mahony would be proud of.

2:44 PM  

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