Monday, September 07, 2009

Can Poland Lend Us A Few?

Leaders who actually lead sure would be a nice change of pace here in America. USCCB, please take note.

Here's some of the article from the Catholic News Service; (Emphasis mine)
Polish bishops warn Catholic politicians that abortion support risks excommunication

Warsaw, Poland, Sep 6, 2009 / 06:10 pm (
CNA).- The Catholic bishops of Poland have issued a document on the value of healthy families and pro-family policies. At one point, they clearly warn Catholic politicians that they risk excommunication if they voice support for or acceptance of abortion.

Discussing the duties of Catholic politicians specifically, the document said it is “absolutely not true” that a politician or government member “has to, or can, act against his conscience.”

“When it comes to God's law, everybody is equal, politicians included,” the Polish bishops said.

The bishops said that anyone who publicly contradicts fundamental moral values, such as the commandment “Thou Shall Not Kill,” by voicing support or acceptance of abortion should be immediately excommunicated, Polskie Radio says.
Notice none of that half-stepping and cowardly "pro-abortion Catholics will be denied Holy Communion in my diocese" drivel that is the best that many of our so-called 'conservative' bishops make a lot of noise with.

The Poles got it right. Excommunicate 'em, don't secularly canonize 'em.


Blogger Old Bob said...

Hooray for Poland! Years ago I dated a Polish gal, and one time I told her, "I'm German, you know, and I'm pretty stubborn." She replied, "Bob, you haven't seen stubborn until you've seen Polish stubborn." Ha!

8:12 PM  
Blogger Greta said...

I would bet Peolski and Bidenski immediately sent a letter of protest.
Kennediski family requested clarification on the status of upcoming funeral arrangments for their lion of the polish parliment reminding the bishops that they had said two rosaries and donated 3.5 million dollars.

11:19 PM  
Blogger Al said...

Cavey, There was an interesting comment in a oart of the story you didn't put up that I commented on in a post on my blog.

"The line " condemnation from those who believe religious moral values have no place in public life in Poland" made me laugh. Anyone who knows anything at all about Polish history knows that the claim is without any historic basis.Then there are Janusz Onyszkiewicz's comments that are merely a new version of the "I'm personally opposed but I can't impose my morality" cop out. (Why didn't it surprize me that Janusz Onyszkiewicz is a member of the Polish equivalent of our Democratic party. How do you say Catholic in Name Only in Polish?)"

& as I concluded: It would be nice to see the USCCB come out with a statement like this. & then enforce it.

5:21 AM  
Blogger Dirtdartwife said...

there's a reason we're called stubborn Polacks. I'm glad those Bishops are taking a stand and not mincing words nor offering touchy/feely words.

9:10 AM  
Blogger Old Bob said...

Dear Dirtdartwife, "Polak" is the Polish word for an adult male Pole. The feminine equivalent is "Polanie"; I'm not sure if it's pronounced "Poh-LAH-nee," "Poh-lah-NEE-yeh," or "Poh-LAH-nyeh." I'm only an honorary Pole.

6:56 PM  

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