Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall
Who's the Barackiest one of all?

Helmet tip to that genius, FAB.

Former Altar Boy has bested himself. Here's what he sent me; In The Zero's speech to school children, I copied and pasted it in a Word document and used their word counter and the Find Feature to locate the pronouns which I counted personally.

The amended next has been released in advance. It's 2,436 words long (every 2nd grader will follow along... yeah.)

He says "I" 41 times.
"I'm" 8 times.
"me" 4 times.

Thus, he is using a personal pronoun approx'ly every 45th word. That's right, it's all about him.


Blogger Greta said...

Did the same with the Reagan speech to the kids back in the 80's and it has more of the personal pronouns in it. Ron gave what I think is a better speech and one that would lead kids to love the country and understand it more, but if you simply look at the pronouns, Ron is more about himself which the speech is clearly not at all.

12:53 AM  
Blogger Coffee Catholic said...

Notice how Mr. President totally bashes his mom and dad in his speech? That's just low. And it'll teach kids to have no discretion! I have a hard time respecting a man that whines about his mom and his dad's faults and failings IN PUBLIC.

7:40 AM  
Blogger Dirtdartwife said...

Greta, the comparison is only valid if each presentation is exactly the same in length (read: word count). And I agree with you, Ron probably gave a MUCH better speech. I don't recall it although I'm sure I heard it (I was in school, but I honestly don't remember).

9:12 AM  

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