Saturday, August 15, 2009

Catholic Schools Are The BEST!!
Actually, the above statement should have started with "Once upon a time..."

God love Jill Stanek. I've posted about her in the past - from when she uncovered how newborn children who survived the abortion procedure were being left to die in a hospital's soiled linens closet, to when that scumbag extraorinaire, Keith Olbermann, named her "Worst Person in the World".

Well, Jill brings yet another example of the sad state of affairs of Catholic Higher Education in America.

From her blog;
Catholic school official: Palin supporters "a**holes," Planned Parenthood "great," conservatives "stupid"

Gonzaga University is a Catholic institution located in Spokane, WA. Part of its mission statement...

As Catholic, we affirm the heritage which has developed through two thousand years of Christian living, theological reflection, and authentic interpretation.

As Jesuit, we are inspired by the vision of Christ at work in the world, transforming it by His love, and calling men and women to work with Him in loving service of the human community.

That's nice.

Susie Prusch is Gonzaga's Manager of University Events. Web info from her Facebook page (click to enlarge):

Reader Stan forwarded Susie a story that Planned Parenthood of the Inland Northwest, located in Spokane, had committed "significant" Medicaid billing malfunctions. According to The Spokesman-Review, August 12:

PP of the Inland Northwest required unnecessary office visits by its poorest patients, a practice that led to excessive payments from the taxpayer-financed Medicaid program, according to a recent audit.

The audit also uncovered troubling billing procedures and problems with unauthorized staff prescribing and dispensing birth control pills, said Doug Porter, WA's Medicaid director....

The issues amounted to excess Medicaid payments to the clinic totaling $629,143. Interest of 1% per month will begin accruing Aug. 20 if the clinic fails to repay the state.

Stan also forwarded Susie a story about Sarah Palin opposing Obamacare "over abortion, euthanasia components."


Susie must have had a nasty day at the office and clearly carries a big ole soft spot in her heart for PP. Because here's the emal she sent Stan in response (click to enlarge):

What was that about transforming the world with His love?


Blogger Al said...

Working at a Catholic College you can be sure that this didn't come as a shock to me. If you hadn't had a name or college, I could have imagined it to be 1 of several faculty/staff here. In fact I think I could give you a pretty good description of what she is like. I'll spare you though.

All I will add is that you are exactly right when you say this is "yet another example of the sad state of affairs of Catholic Higher Education in America."

7:04 AM  
Blogger AznRoxas108 said...

Many Catholic schools today are practicing a heinous form of false advertising, starting with advertising themselves as Catholic when in practice they are NOT.

1:12 AM  
Blogger Arkanabar T'verrick Ilarsadin said...

Wow, Susie.

o|` And they'll know we are Christians by our love, by our love / Yes, they'll know we are Christians by our love o|`


9:40 PM  
Blogger Mitch said...

So happy this is from my School. As with many schools Gonzaga is one that may have Catholic direction at the top its institutional inertia is pulling us towards secularism. I have met students who wanted to come here simply because they thought it was a good school and they wanted to go to a school where they could help make it less Catholic.

11:50 PM  

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