Friday, August 14, 2009


Ronald Reagan was quite possibly one of the top three greatest president's in United States history. His life was marked by a complete love of country and faith in the American people as well as an unwavering hatred for the evil and inhuman communist system. Reagan more than any other president in the last eighty years did more to thwart the growth of of the ever expanding Socialist state. I wonder sometimes as I ponder on the last eighty years of American history whether the '80's were nothing more than a short reprieve from the inevitable strangle hold of communism or whether they were part of a larger movement which in the end will win the day. Obviously things look pretty bleak right now, but I do hope Reagan's efforts were not all in vain. I do wish he were alive today to help guide us through these dark times of Obama rule. Only a Reagan type politician will be able to ever get us out of the mess Obama has created and is in the process of creating.

Hear what the Great Communicator had to say about Socialized medicine back in 1961. The last 30 seconds are especially good. His words are no less relevant today than they were back then. In fact, its almost as if Ronald Reagan in this audio clip is speaking directly at Barack Obama.


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